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If you're the type who likes to hit the road in search of surprises and life-changing experiences, amazing abodes, and things that are likely to shorten the bucket list, there are unique vacation homes that can help. Whether it's a moss-clad treehouse cabin in the old oaks of Appalachia, a safari tent pitched on the plains of Oklahoma, a hearty Welsh cottage on the coast, or a poolside villa in the dusty sierras of Spain, there are oodles of places that herald fun escapes and one-of-a-kind trips.

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All about yurts for rent


These curious styles of accommodation have been transported straight across from the Mongolian Steppe.

7 storybook homes, cabins and cottages for fairy-tale vacations


Once upon a time…there was a family searching for a storybook escape.

A guide to pod rentals and glamping pods


Pod rentals refer to a certain class of glamping that takes place in purpose-built cabins or wood-framed shacks.

Everything you need to know about treehouse vacation rentals

Talk about doing things differently. A treehouse vacation rental means leaving classic hotel resorts and home rentals well and truly in the dust. You'll catch them clinging to the ponderosa pines that cascade down the slopes of Cali's Sierra Nevada. You'll discover them lurking in the misty hemlock forests of Appalachia, fronted with porches and swinging hammocks. And you'll get others lofted into the teaks of rainforests, where rare resplendent quetzals and multi-colored hummingbirds forever whiz past the window. Some of these truly unique vacation options are luxury in the extreme, so don't be surprised if you come across treehouses with steaming hot tubs and designer interiors.

Reasons to choose a villa rental

Villas have always been up there with the most luxurious and unique vacation rentals on the map. For a fun getaway with the family, you can head off to large homes in tried-and-tested sun resorts – think Florida's buzzing barrier islands or the Theme Park Capital of the World itself, in Orlando. But the options certainly don't end there. On the West Coast are minimalist pads with infinity pools that cascade down Malibu's cliffs on the fringes of lively Los Angeles, along with salt-washed surfer villas in San Diego. And then comes Europe's and Asia's offering. From the cubist cottages of Santorini – expect sunsets to die for – to the old vineyards of Tuscany, Thailand's deluxe Andaman villas to Balinese escapes with Hindu art carvings, there's plenty to get through beyond your own backyard.

A great guide to glamping in the USA

Let's get one thing straight – glamping isn't camping. It's a whole different ball game. No irritating tent pitches and pokey little sleeping bags here, only exciting yurts like the ones you find on the rolling steppes of Central Asia, wood-built glamping pods hidden in the forest, or sumptuous tentalows inspired by the explorer camps of the African savannahs. The best part, though? Glamping stays are a ticket to fun vacations in some seriously wild corners of the globe, whether that means the sloth-swinging jungles of Costa Rica or the primeval redwood groves of Northern California.

Stylish mansions for rent and luxury rentals guide

One reliable way to ensure your next trip is a truly unique vacation is to opt for luxury rentals. These are the crème-de-la-crème of the rental scene. They hit the heights of A-lister mansions a la Bel Air, packing in all the frills you can think of and then some. Need extra space? Spread out in sprawling grounds that sprout palm trees and hibiscus blooms, or even snag your very own Robinson Crusoe island for a week or two. Want to be pampered? There are extra-special vacation homes that come with dedicated butlers, private chefs, their own spas, and infinity pools. From Miami to Belize to Thailand, luxury rentals dot the whole globe.

Your enchanting cottage vacation

Escape to the wave-slashed shores of Cornwall. Delve into England's Romantic country. Explore the craggy peaks and mystical fairy castles of the Emerald Isle. These are the unique vacations that are available to those who seek out cottage getaways. And that's not even mentioning the enchanting character of the rentals themselves. Ranging from thatched-roof country retreats to stone-built bungalows in ancient fishing villages to converted barns on working sheep farms, there's usually something to write home about in this category.