Help finding your perfect beach cottage

Help finding your perfect beach cottage

A beach cottage is a truly unique escape. They pop up on the white-sand barrier isles of the Carolinas and nestle between the surf shacks of SoCal. From coast to coast, they are steeped in vernacular style and imbued with forget-me-not touches. This guide can help you get to grips with the ins and outs of booking a beach-view cottage, and offer some inspiration when it comes to choosing where.

Some destination inspiration for beach cottage bookers

Two chairs sit on the deck of an oceanfront cottage in Florida

There are beach cottage rentals all over the USA and beyond. From the shell-speckled East Coast to the sunny reaches of Florida to the frothing swells of California, you’re bound to find somewhere that will suit you in the list of tempting destinations below.

Soft sands on Sanibel Island

Even in the Sunshine State, where pristine beaches are around every mangrove-fringed bend in the coast, Sanibel Island is famed for its eye-watering shores filled with curious seashells and corals. The cottages you’ll find here often channel a touch of luxury, too, with Caribbean-style interiors and shared pools to look forward to.

A New England escape in Maine

Beach cottages in Maine are a world apart from the tropical escapes of the south. Hearty nautical themes inspire their interiors, where log fires and plush sofas provide comfy spaces for looking out over the wild Atlantic. Some even sit in quaint Cape Cod villages, which means lobster and clam dishes made with straight-off-the-boat catches should be right next door.

Outer Banks stays for something special

The jewel in the shoreline of North Carolina is surely the Outer Banks. Running for mile upon mile in an arc around the East Coast, this series of finger-thin islands has historic lighthouses and submerged shipwrecks for divers. But more than that, the beach cottages can be truly special, drawing on the Colonial past of towns like Manteo to offer a timeless vibe both inside and out.

A getaway in California

Beach cottages and California really are a match made in heaven. San Diego’s hip and happening Ocean Beach starts things rolling with its adobe-built Mexicana bungalows with surfboards right out front. Then come the arty retreats on Balboa Island nearer to LA. And the collection is capped off by buff-top lodges in Northern California, which boast jaw-dropping views along the redwood-fringed Sonoma Coast.

Beach cottages all over the globe

You don’t have to limit your search for beach cottages to the US. This style of accommodation is a doozy in the tropics, for example. That might mean a Latin shack by the shores of Puerto Vallarta. It might be a stilted home between the coconut palms and carved karst peaks of Thailand’s Andaman coast. Alternatively, you could find yourself an escape on a Greek island, with pebblestone coves and saganaki-sizzling tavernas on the doorstep.

Sticking to a budget with your beach cottage rental

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a beach cottage to rent if you’re on a tight budget. There are plenty of ways to keep the cost of those sand-side shacks to a minimum, not to mention destinations where you won’t need to fork out loads to be sleeping to the sound of the waves.

A beach cottage sits on a tropical beach with high palm trees and a catamaran boat

Know the seasons

It’s always a good idea to know what season means what weather in your chosen destination before booking that beach cottage. Take the Caribbean as an example. Prices tend to soar in the festive months and in the summer, but locals will often say March and April are the best times to come. They have lower rates, less-busy beaches, and still plenty of sun.

Choose a beach cottage rental somewhere off-radar

Another way to leave more money for the scuba diving and the snorkeling tours is to venture a little off-the-beaten-path. That might mean hopping away from the buzzy resorts of the Florida Gulf Coast in favor of somewhere cheaper across the Alabama border. Or, it could mean seeking bargain-friendly shacks on the sands of lesser-known Thai isles, from Lanta to Lipe.

Beach cottage style

A beach cottage with a charming Californian style fronted by a porch with white chairs

One of the greatest things about choosing a beach cottage is just how unique and unforgettable these types of accommodation can be. Get ready for refreshing interiors with a twist of the nautical and gorgeous al fresco areas that really make the most of that ocean-side locale.

Fresh and airy interiors

Coral-colored walls and dashes of sea blue are so often the palette of choice in beach huts and beach cottages. Big windows also add to the lightness and the feel of something inspired by the water and waves that surround it.

An outside that fits with nature

No trip to the ocean could be complete without a sunset show, which is precisely why so many a beach cottage makes the most of its view with outstanding al fresco spaces. East Coast huts have wide porches with BBQ grills and even steps leading straight onto the sand dunes. There are patio-ready Californian bungalows with views over the Pacific, too. And that’s just a taster.