A guide to booking your English cottage

A guide to booking your English cottage

Do you catch yourself dreaming of visions of rolling farm fields and lush green hills? Pining after a taste of fish and chips in an ancient harbor? Yearning for rose-budded gardens and a home with a thatched roof? Cue English cottages. These quaint and cute getaways are your ticket to lovely regions, lovable villages, and all the stunning scenery that awaits in Old Blighty.

The unique design of an English cottage

An old cottage with a barn in the garden in Somerset, UK

If there’s one thing that instantly enchants in an English cottage rental, it’s surely the unique design and style. These homes away from home are among the oldest lodgings in the UK, which means open fireplaces, crooked walls, meadow yards, and rough-stone exteriors are all on the menu.

All those nooks and crannies

English cottages might very well have defined the word “cozy”. They are the original bucolic hideaways, with all the heart-warming touches that go with it. Part of that is plenty of hidden alcoves and reading areas, most of which will be filled with comfy cushions and stacks of dog-eared novels for the budding bookworm.

Centuries-old spaces

Don’t be surprised to find out that your chosen English cottage wasn’t even built this century – or in the five centuries preceding it, for that matter. From old farmers’ cottages in the Highlands of Scotland to preserved historic manors wedged between the cinnamon-tinted terraces of the Cotswolds, there are oodles of places with long and fascinating stories to tell.

Outside living is important

Although England might be known for its rain and wind, the summers this side of the pond get warm and pleasant, particularly if you’re planning a vacation between May and August somewhere on the South Coast. That’s why so many English cottages come with enticing outdoor spaces. Expect wildflower-sprouting meadows or manicured lawns, along with deck spaces and patios with BBQ grills ready for lighting.

Special types of English cottage

A handsome cottage build of stone in Yorkshire, UK

If you want to ensure that cottage break comes with something extra special, it could be worth homing in on the rentals listed below. They might throw in a steaming hot tub or offer interesting locations on former farmland.

English cottages with hot tubs

The luxuries of an English cottage don’t have to stop at sprawling country kitchens and charming interiors. They could go one step further to include a touch of more modern pampering. That’s where stays with hot tubs come in. Look for the places that give their Jacuzzis a view and you could bathe away to sweeping vistas of Yorkshire’s rolling fields or crashing waves on the coast of Cornwall.

Farm and barn conversion cottages in England

There’s another type of English cottage that you’ll find inhabiting the old buildings of onetime farms. They should be easy to recognize on account of their vaulted ceilings, mixture of old and new building materials, and locations – think in the midst of rolling fields of wheat and pasture.

Amazing regions to look for your English cottage

A quaint English cottage surrounded by a green lawn and blooming flowers

Get a feel for what the various regions of England offer those on a cottage escape by reading below. The pointers range from the windblown lands of Yorkshire to the salty fishing hamlets of the South Coast, giving just a taster of where and what you can explore this year.

The Lake District for romantic jaunts

The Lake District is arguably England’s most iconic national park. It spreads across the county of Cumbria and encompasses the highest peaks in the whole country. It’s a curious mix of untamed prairies and mountains, misty lakes, and primeval standing stones, all intermingled with hearty villages where you can trace the heritage of poets and playwrights.

An English cottage on the Cornish coast

Cornwall is a county built to take the breath away. One moment you could be carving over frothing waves along the beaches of Polzeath or Newquay. The next, you might be treading the lichen-spotted stones of Tintagel Castle, unraveling the mysteries of Merlin the magician as you go. And then there are places like Rock and Padstow, which are tailored to upscale trips laden with good beer and celebrity-chef seafood.

Yorkshire for a northern adventure

Yorkshire is almost a country unto itself – that’s how large this cut-out of northern England is. Rolling grasslands are the terrain that dominate the backcountry, so get ready for wild shows of heather-clad hills and lonely pockets of woodland. On the coast, you can get English cottages in the company of calling gulls and bobbing fishing boats in pretty Whitby and other villages.

The Cotswolds for country charms

An idyllic vision of how everyone imagines England to be, the Cotswolds are inundated with Bath-stone hamlets topped by medieval church spires, rolling fields grazed by cattle, and low ridges blanketed in yellow maize and poppies come summer. Romantic doesn’t even come close with some of the English cottages here, either – expect compact huts with wood fires and old wool barns attached.