Swapping out conventional vacation homes for a farm bed and breakfast or a farm house for rent means going off the beaten track and into nature. These are stays that'll have you waking to the sounds of mooing cattle and settling in as the breezes bristle the cornfields. They are unique, steeped in character, and offer a chance to go back to basics. This guide has plenty of destination tips, along with a few handy pointers for when you come to book.

The best states to unearth a farm house for rent

Some states are better suited to this type of stay. They have farms to rent popping up all over their backcountry and offer something exciting to travelers with a penchant for getting away from it all. A few top suggestions are listed below.

Farm houses to rent in Pennsylvania

The allure of Pennsylvania's famous Amish country is in its simplicity and time-stood-still vibe. Lancaster County is the heart of it all. It's surrounded by rolling hills and green fields, the occasional grain silo, and barns poking above the horizon. There are also little village centers scattered about, many of which exude the feel of an age-old Dutch or German settlement from centuries ago.

Hearty Southern comforts in Tennessee

Cottages and cabins await on the farmlands of rural Tennessee, providing the perfect base for hitting the foot-stomping country music halls of Nashville and all the surrounding whisky distilleries. There's plenty of seclusion and privacy to be had in the farm B&Bs and lodges here, what with remote getaways amid the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains up for grabs.

Georgia for all sorts of farm rentals

The Peach State is a doozy for fans of the wilder side of vacationing. At its northern end, there are potential farm escapes butting up to the Blue Ridge Mountains, with rentals available just steps from the wooded Appalachian hills and winding Savannah River. Further south, things turn Dixie, and you get historic buildings between bayous and azalea-filled landscapes.

A farm getaway in Texas

The folk of the Lone Star State like to do things a little differently. Down here, farm houses for rent become Wild West ranches. They offer a taste of the cowboy lifestyle as it was back in the days of the old frontier. So, don the spurs and prep the saddle, because you'll be riding the rodeo and hiking the canyons with your countryside escape in this corner of the US.

What's so great about farm houses for rent?

With their wild settings, homey vibes, enchanting interiors, and offbeat character, farm houses for rent certainly have plenty unique features up their sleeve. Here are just a few thoughts about what it is that makes them extra special.

Being surrounded by the outdoors

Perhaps the single most enticing thing about farm houses for rent is how close they can get you to the natural side of the world. Whether you're searching for a sanctuary in the softly-sloping hills of Upstate New York, an old barn in the Appalachian Mountains, or a Californian winery with sumptuous spaces, you can rest assured that untamed landscapes usually await not so far away.

A different atmosphere

Things aren't the same down on the farm as they are in the city or the resort. You'll notice how time seems to slow in the country. You'll get into a rhythm that's attuned with nature and start to appreciate the simple things – a reading session in a leafy garden, a taste of homemade jam with breakfast, a deck with a rocking chair that overlooks the woods.

What travelers will love farm house stays?

Adventure seekers, animal lovers, nature buffs – there's a whole load of travelers who are sure to love the earthy and hands-on experience that's offered by a farm house rental. Read on to see if you think you fit the bill…

Eco-conscious folk

Farm house rentals and farm B&Bs can sometimes even be on working farms. For ethical travelers who like to keep their carbon footprint at a minimum and even get stuck into life with the animals, they could be the perfect place. Some have farm-to-table food on the menu, others opportunities to meet the horses and cattle, others workshops in agriculture, cooking, and outdoors skills.

Wanderers looking for a real escape

Farm houses for rent are, by definition, surrounded by a farm. That means no traffic-tooting streets and bustling boardwalks to dodge before you can get a hit of nature. It means simply stepping outside your front door and viola – you're navigating Appalachian woodlands or strolling along a Montanan riverbank.

Loved-up duos who want to be alone

One of the best things about skipping town to find hidden farmhouses far away from the city is that you're all but guaranteed to be the only ones out there. That's great news if you're vacationing as a couple and want to share quality time together – just you, your other half, and the great outdoors.