A sumptuous beach mansion to call your own

A sumptuous beach mansion to call your own

Whether it’s a grand Spanish hacienda spilling down to the Californian Pacific or a chic Bauhaus pad with an infinity pool overlooking the glitzy walks of South Beach, a beach mansion promises to be something truly spectacular. This guide reveals some of the amazing aspects of luxury beach rentals and offers loads of tempting destination advice for would-be visitors.

Luxury beach mansions – interiors and exteriors

A bird's-eye view of a sumptuous beach mansion in Naples, Florida, with its own marina and pool

Take a peek inside and outside these opulent stays on the sands by reading the pointers below. They offer just a taste of the exclusive features that await in beach mansions and luxury beach rentals around the globe.

Pools are the norm

Even though your chosen beach mansion is likely to be a short walk across sugar-soft sands to the sloshing ocean waves, there’s no reason why you can’t throw in a private swimming pool for good measure. Not all splash pads are the same. Some will be sleek infinity pools that create the illusion of mingling with the shore. Others might be dark-tiled pools hidden beneath hibiscus plants or carved Balinese totems in tropical gardens.

Multiple bedrooms and big living spaces

There are loads of oversized beach mansions. Big, bold, and packed with countless primary bedrooms, they are the ones capable of hosting bigger groups or whole families after a bout of R&R by the coast. Places like Florida and California are hot spots for these sorts of getaways.

Going the extra mile in beach mansions

The crème-de-la-crème of luxury beach rentals do everything you’d expect of real A-lister getaways. Dedicated concierges and maid services are there to take care of day-to-day needs. Some come with private chefs to cook up your smorgasbords of crafted Caribbean saltfish and spicy papaya salad. And there are even a few with spas thrown in, so you can top off days on your private beach with aromatherapy sessions and a full-body Thai massage.

Luxury beach mansions in the United States

A sprawling beach mansion overlooks an ocean boulevard and the beach

You certainly won’t have to jet off too far to discover amazing beach mansions. There are loads of these upscale vacation homes right in you own backyard, popping up on Floridian barrier islands and clutching the cliffs of Malibu and beyond.

Famous beach mansions in Miami Beach

Some of the most opulent beach mansions in the country make their home on South Beach. Fringed by the coveted real estate of Ocean Drive, it’s the one-time home of Gianni Versace, and comes infused with touches of glorious Art Deco architecture. Neighborhoods to the north are also packed with glamourous vacay homes, which might even tout their own private yacht marinas.

Amazing Myrtle Beach rentals

Whether you come to ride the SkyWheel and wonder at snapping sharks in Ripley’s Aquarium or simply to laze on the 60-mile stretch that is the Grand Strand, a Myrtle Beach rental with class promises to take that South Carolinian escape to the next level. All up the shoreline to the north and south are pockets of stunning villas, some even butting up to the manicured fairways of golf courses in areas like Cherry Grove.

Californian style beach mansions

Hop over to the West Coast and you’ll find that the beach mansions take on a different feel. In Malibu, they are inhabited by the occasional Hollywood celebrity, oozing minimalist vibes and coming bolstered by beautiful infinity pools that overlook wave-splashed bays. In Santa Barbara, they might be infused with Spanish architectural flurries – whitewashed walls, Baroque carvings, and palm-speckled gardens.

Take luxury beach vacations around the world

Boats are moored in blue waters by the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand

Choosing luxury beach houses in the states might be the most convenient way to go, but it’s certainly not the only place you can escape for extravagance by the coast. From the sultry tropics of Southeast Asia to the gleaming reefs of Belize, there’s plenty more out there…

Luxury beach rentals in the Caribbean

No mention of the top destinations for luxury beach houses could possibly be complete without a nod towards the Caribbean. In islands like Anguilla, you can get deluxe spaces just steps from quartz-glinting white-sand beaches like Rendezvous Bay. In Grenada, there are colorful homes with pools blessed by spice-scented breezes. In the Caymans and the Bahamas, you’ll keep the company of millionaires and their yachts in real jet setter haunts.

Gorgeous beach houses in Thailand

Thailand has oodles of alluring beach mansions between its shores. Start on the Andaman Sea, where rugged karst cliffs lurch above Phuket and Krabi, occasionally topped with a panoramic villa and its glistening swimming pool. Out in the Thai Gulf, islands like Koh Samui and Koh Tao offer charming homes between mysterious Buddhist temples and buzzing beach towns.

Go one step further in Belize

Belize takes the classic beach mansion one step further by offering you the chance to have all those luxuries on a completely private island. You’ll need to hop on a boat transfer to reach your vacation rental, but then it’s total seclusion – just you, endless swaths of coral reefs, friendly whale sharks, and swaying coconut palms.