Enjoy your luxury coastal vacation

Enjoy your luxury coastal vacation

If glistening white sands and turquoise seas aren’t quite enough, perhaps you need a bona fide luxury coastal vacation. These are the classiest and coolest stays it’s possible to have on the shore. They herald big and extravagant mansions, private pools, spa treatments by the sands, and a whole lot more. Read on if you’re tempted…

The experience of a luxury coastal vacation

A private swimming pool in a luxury coastal vacation rental in Florida

A luxury coastal vacation promises the very height of service and style. For hard-earned R&R and a fix of real pampering, they bring oodles of frilly features to the table.

Beachfront homes are the norm

It’s common for the classiest vacation rentals in coastal destinations to be the closest to the beachfront of all. Known as first-row houses, they are prized for their perch in front of the waves. To make the most of it, you can look for mansions with big yards, deck areas loaded with hammocks and BBQ grills, or balconies lofted high above the sands.

The ocean isn’t the only place to swim

Choosing the high-end of the accommodation spectrum for your visit the coast means throwing in swimming pools and hot tubs. The upshot? You won’t always have to do battle with roaring Pacific swells and crashing Atlantic waves. You could have your own infinity pool to do laps in, which could even sit nestled between the oat-sprouting dunes to offer stunning views of the shore.

Interiors that are to die for

The joys of a luxury coastal vacation rental aren’t just on the outside. When it’s time to retire for the evening, these spots are the ones that beckon with sprawling living rooms with flat-screen TVs, bathrooms laden with bubbling Jacuzzi tubs, and sumptuous kitchen spaces bearing the names of designers.

Luxury coastal vacation on the Gulf Coast

An opulent waterfront mansion with a private boat jetty and palm-topped garden in Sanibel

The Gulf Coast region continues to draw millions of snowbirds and sun seekers to its shimmering shores each year. It’s got resorts that fizz with Spring Break parties, buzzing boardwalk towns with aquariums and carousels, and its fair share of luxurious locations besides. Just a few of those are listed below…

Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

The twin resorts of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach are joined at the hip to glorious Perdido Key. At their center, they are peppered with oodles of family condos and apartments. As you head out closer to the remote state parks by the Alabama-Florida border, there’s a world of salt-washed villas with shared pools and spas that spill straight onto cotton-colored sands.

The soft sands of Sanibel Island

The coastal mansions of Sanibel Island are always a doozy for travelers wanting to feel like a bona fide jet setter. They are usually hidden between the palm groves and winding waterways behind the main beach, which helps maintain wild tropical vibes. Back in the homes, and it’s all waterfront boat moorings, gated swimming pools, and private tennis courts.

Galveston has some five-star stays

Galveston might have a reputation for family fun in the sun, but it’s also a place to hop away from Houston for a taste of the Texan high life. Just case out the shoreline that runs away from the 1800s historic district along the edge of quiet Jamaica Beach. There, handsome Southern beach homes with double-story decks and interior fireplaces line the coast.

Luxury coastal vacations both east and west

A double-deck and boardwalk reaches a luxury beach house in Galveston, TX

There’s no reason to stick to the Southern shores of the Gulf Coast when it comes to planning your luxury coastal vacation. From the star-studded walks of LA to the wave-splattered rocks of Maine, there’s plenty of other destinations that can entice.

Miami Beach for something glitzy

Hit the esplanade of Miami Beach and you’ll be treading in the footsteps of Hollywood celebrities and world-famous fashionistas. In the shadow of the old villa of one Gianni Versace, you can wonder at resplendent examples of historic Art Deco architecture. Alternatively, quieter corners of the city, like North Bay Village and Surfside, have more offbeat rentals with swimming pools and space to dock the yacht.

California‘s slick coastal spots

Names like Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Laguna Beach coalesce on the shores of California. That means this is one top place for luxury coastal vacations. There are minimalist villas where Silver Screen names have vacationed. There are majestic Spanish hacienda retreats clutching bluffs by frothing surf. You get the idea.

Maine for a deluxe New England escape

If you’re after something wilder than is promised by the manicured beaches of the Sunshine State and SoCal, this might be the region for you. You’ll find plush New England lodges with heart-warming log fires and wraparound decks tucked into lovely corners of the coast, where visions of whitewashed lighthouses and tastes of world-class lobster are the order of the day.