Every traveler has his or her own idea of luxury. When you look out the window of your vacation rental, what do you want to see? Acres of vineyards? The shimmering Pacific Ocean? The Golden Gate Bridge? Luxury vacations in California can take many forms, but that is half the excitement of visiting this great state — the possibilities.

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The San Francisco Bay Area and Wine Country

Far from the traffic-stricken streets of LA is California wine country. From Napa to Sonoma and beyond, California luxury vacations assume a much slower pace. This type of trip will be centered on life’s simple pleasures including tasting different varieties of wines, sampling creations of award-winning local chefs, and soaking up the sun. If you’re the type of traveler that likes a little action as well, combine a visit to wine country with a trip to San Francisco. This city is brimming with culture and creativity with art galleries, restaurants, and markets. From shopping to spas, San Francisco will pamper you at every corner.

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Lake Tahoe

When travelers envision luxury vacations in California, skiing probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, in Lake Tahoe, this is precisely the activity that attracts so many people. Lake Tahoe is an all-season destination as well. Besides offering a spectacular mountain retreat during the winter season where ski enthusiasts can enjoy the trails of North Star and Squaw Valley, Lake Tahoe is also a wonderful summer destination. Sunset boat tours, sun drenched beaches, and hiking trails all make a trip to Lake Tahoe a special one. Cabins here are stocked with amenities such as the latest technology, hot tubs, and fireplaces.

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Los Angeles County

Los Angeles is full of options for luxury vacations in California. If you’re prepared to brave the crowds, rent a luxurious condo in Los Angeles and enjoy the designer shopping, spas, and trendy restaurants. If you’re more in the mood for a beach vacation, there are plenty of destinations in LA County that will deliver a more restful experience including Malibu, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach. This county is known for its affluent residents, so expect services to be at their peak. You will also find farmers markets to stock the kitchen of your private rental.

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Orange County and San Diego

Continuing south along the coast from Los Angeles, you will find Orange County and San Diego County. Orange County is home to some of the most expensive real estate in California including Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. If you want to rub elbows with the rich and famous at the yacht club, go for a beach rental in one of these two spots. Unlike other beach towns, you won’t have any trouble finding shopping, spas, restaurants, and nightlife in these areas. Further south into San Diego County, the atmosphere retains that laid-back California cool. From San Diego to La Jolla you will find a wide range of rentals perfect for working on your tan.

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The rest of California

The sheer size of California can be intimidating — where to begin exploring? This huge state has a variety of cultures, landscapes, and attractions to offer. Some travelers love the dry heat of Palm Springs while others fall for Sacramento. If you’ve always wanted to see Joshua Tree with your own eyes or your kids are begging to go to Disneyland, California will provide the perfect rental to make that dream a reality. Whether you’re looking for a pet friendly condo or an oceanfront villa, California is waiting to give it to you.

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