Does lobster, historic lighthouses, and beautiful beaches sound like a perfect vacation to you? If so, it is time to plan a trip to Maine. This unspoiled state in the far northern reaches of New England is known for its simple pleasures: charming towns, excellent food, and an environment where friends and family can really connect.

Vacation rentals are the cherry on top to luxury vacations in Maine. These rentals bring pleasure to a new level with wood-burning fireplaces, a Jacuzzi under the stars, and chef’s kitchens. After your first trip to Maine, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to visit.

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Southern Coast

For many travelers, the introduction to Maine is the Southern Coast. This region, at the southernmost end of the state, is the most easily accessible from the rest of New England. It is also home to popular destinations of PortlandOld Orchard Beach, and Saco. In each village along the coast you will find rustic cottages that encourage you to take things a little slower. Go ahead and spend an afternoon reading a book. Throw another log on the fire and watch a movie. Don’t miss the chance to see the local lighthouses — especially at sunset; they are an iconic symbol of the beauty of Maine.

Mid-Coast & Islands

If you keep traveling north along the coast, you will arrive in the Mid-Coast & Islands region. While the whole state has options for Maine luxury vacations, this area is known for its stunning coastline and cozy homes. After taking a walk on the beach to see the historic lighthouses, return to your oceanfront rental and spend an evening preparing a meal for your family in your chef’s kitchen. If you have romance on the mind, these rentals (and their Jacuzzis) are ideal for sending some sparks.

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Down East

The final region along the coast of Maine (before you reach Canada) is the Down East area. Many travelers plan luxury vacations in Maine here for the cuisine and water sports. It is essential to visit the coastal town of Bar Harbor, which is famous for its Maine lobster. If you think you’ve tasted this seafood specialty before, you will be blown away by the difference of tasting it straight from the local waters. Kayaking, swimming, and whale watching tours are all popular options here as well. If you’re a history buff, you are sure to be charmed by the local villages. Art galleries, shops, and restaurants all delight travelers.

Mountains & Lakes Region

Away from the coastline, there are still many opportunities for luxury vacations in Maine. The Lakes and Mountains region offers the same serenity as the coast, but in a different atmosphere. Here in western Maine it is possible to head out for an early morning hike and encounter moose eating their breakfast. Wildlife is a major attraction in this part of the state and encountering them in their natural habitat is an unforgettable experience. Local markets and festivals keep things exciting if you don’t want to be too isolated.

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The Many Sides of Maine

Maine might be best known for its coastline, but there are other areas that will deliver a luxury rental with gorgeous scenery. The Kennebec Valley in central Maine offers cabins where you can enjoy the best of all four seasons. From a winter wonderland where your kids will love building snowmen and toasting s'mores on the fire to a picture perfect example of how beautiful autumn colors can be, Maine allows you to celebrate the seasons. In the Maine highlands you will find rivers for rafting, mountains for climbing, and trails for biking. Wherever you temporarily call home in Maine, you will be blown away by her natural beauty.