re you looking for a way to spice up your luxury vacation? Skip the same old destinations and instead consider luxury vacations in North Carolina. This state offers convenience for anyone living on the east coast, and a variety of activities will be tempting to all kinds of travelers.

Whether you want to rent a secluded oceanfront villa in the Outer Banks or a serene cabin the Great Smoky Mountains, it is possible to find the perfect combination of atmosphere and luxury in North Carolina. Read on for a variety of options across the state that will reveal the luxurious side of North Carolina.

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The Northern Coast and Outer Banks

While beaches aren’t the only type of vacation in North Carolina, they are certainly the most popular. North Carolina is home to phenomenal beaches, known for their sunsets and lazy days spent fishing or boating. Luxury vacations in North Carolina are enhanced by spacious rentals right on the beach, whether your taste is contemporary or classic.

Beach rentals are all about the amenities. From Hatteras to Corolla there are oceanfront properties complete with outdoor living space, Jacuzzis, barbecues, chef’s kitchens, fireplaces, and the latest in technology. If you are looking for a place where the whole family can relax, the beaches of the Outer Banks should shoot to the top of your list.

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The Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains

You don’t have to head to the beaches to plan North Carolina luxury vacations. Away from the coastline, two mountain ranges make for beautiful scenery and a peaceful backdrop to any luxury vacation. Whether you choose the Great Smoky Mountains in the southwest section of the state or the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east, the mountain scenery will provide a breath of fresh air.

Just because you are choosing a rustic location doesn’t mean you have to miss out on luxury vacations in North Carolina. Cabins in the mountains are equipped with modern kitchens, steam showers, hot tubs, and more. Whatever amenities will help you relax, you will be able to find a rental with luxurious touches. Some are even pet friendly so you can bring your pooch along for the journey as well.

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The Heartland

In between the relaxing atmosphere of the coast and the serene environment of the mountains, there is the heartland of North Carolina. Here you will find cities such as Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro that are all waiting to show you a good time. Planning luxury vacations in North Carolina here means you won’t have to go far for fine dining, shopping, and spas. If you're seeking convenience on this trip, the heartland will be a good match.

In these cities you might be able to experience a little more of the local culture than you would find along the coast or in the mountains. Expect to sample traditional North Carolina BBQ and famous sweet tea, shop in boutiques carrying local designers, or play a round of golf. Options for activities here means that every day can be different than the last.

Even More Options in North Carolina

For luxury travelers, North Carolina will be at your disposal. From the southern coast to the mountains, there are more destinations than ever that are catering to the needs of luxury travelers. This means that beyond the comfort of your swanky vacation rental, you will also find shopping, dining, and entertainment to match. From a night on the town at the theater to farmer’s markets where you can bring home fresh ingredients to whip up a gourmet meal, North Carolina is ideal for a luxury getaway.