Miami mansion rentals – the high life in the Sunshine State

Miami mansion rentals – the high life in the Sunshine State

A Miami mansion rental is a sure way to take that trip to the sugar-soft shores of southern Florida to the next level. These are the sleekest of the sleek in a town that really knows how to do things classy. Sprawling and stylish, they invariably come with multiple primary bedrooms, glimmering swimming pools, and even frilly extras like yacht moorings. And that’s not even mentioning the unique design – a fusion of 1920s flair, minimalism, and Spanish romance.

Reasons to rent a Miami mansion

A stunning whitewashed Miami mansion with two pools and palm trees

There are loads of reasons why you might want to spring for a mansion on that next jaunt to Miami. For starters, these swanky stays are sure to help you fit in between the extravagant palaces of Versace and all those celebrity villas. And they’re bound to be comfy, with features that promise the height of luxury right next to the Atlantic Ocean.

A vacation to a Miami mansion

You can turn that vacation down south into something truly special by seeking out opulent mansions for rent in Florida’s happening Magic City. There’s pampering and relaxation coming out of every pore of these plush stays. A glistening infinity pool that spills into Biscayne Bay is possible, for example. You could secure a home with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking buzzy Ocean Drive. Some might even have private marinas for you to dock the boat after seeking out dolphins along the Floridian coast.

A Miami mansion for a special event

Miami mansions are a really popular choice for event organizers. Whether it’s a corporate party, a family reunion, or a wedding, they are the types of venue that promise to put your shindig on the map. They make the most of huge outdoor spaces, palatial interiors with chandeliers, and oversized kitchens that are sure to be a caterer’s dream.

The styles and hot spots for Miami mansions

A large and colorful Miami mansion with a private pool and a Spanish-flavored design

Read on to get a feel for how Miami mansions change from district to district in the Magic City. The list below hops from the buzzy historic heart of town to lesser-known enclaves that are famed for their high-class homes.

Historic mansions in South Beach

South Beach is the place to be in Miami Beach. The streets hum with the engines of vintage Cadillacs, there are handsome Art Deco facades at every turn, and the district has more neon-hued clubs than you could get through in a single hedonistic vacay. Expect to pay more for Miami mansions here, but also to be right in the thick of the action.

Something quieter in North Beach

Whisk yourself away from the hubbub and energy that is Washington Avenue in South Beach by choosing a mansion for rent in Florida that sits in the relative calm of North Beach and the neighborhoods past it. Up there, there’s extra room for big homes to spread out, which means you can get places with seven, eight, or more bedrooms. The vibe is chilled, too, with golf courses and local cafes the norm.

The glitz of North Bay Village

The North Bay Village occupies a small islet on the 79th St causeway that links Miami Beach to Miami proper. It’s famed as the home of some of the most prized real estate in the country – and it shows. Grand homes jostle together for space on the waterfront, where many showcase private boats and jetties, or infinity pools and sunning decks. It’s that sort of place.

Mansions for rent in Florida, beyond the Magic City

A modern and stylish minimalist villa with a swimming pool and wide patio

It’s not just happening Ocean Drive and the Cubano eateries of Miami that offer up swish mansions to would-be jet setters. It’s possible to discover sumptuous palaces dotting the Gulf Coast barrier islands, golfing retreats up the Atlantic shore, and even five-star homes for families in the rollicking resort town of Orlando.

Massive mansions in Orlando

There’s no reason why you can’t infuse that visit to Big Thunder Mountain and the rattling rides of Harry Potter’s Wizarding World with a slice of the high life. The area of Buena Vista – known as the theme park hub of Florida – is packed with sleek mansions. They boast palm-shaded yards, big driveways for the vehicle, and mammoth pools that can fit the whole crew.

Mansions for rent in Florida beach resorts

Miami isn’t the only town with a beach out front. That’s worth remembering if you’re after a plush Florida mansion by the shores of the Sunshine State. In fact, you have the run of two coastlines to find other stylish pads in these parts. Along the Gulf Coast, there are elegant modern-built mansions straddling Sanibel and Clearwater Beach. The Keys are a doozy on the Atlantic, offering a whiff of the Caribbean in their pseudo-colonial cabanas.

Mansions for rent in Florida golf resorts

Looking to swing the clubs? Florida is a veritable golfing mecca. What’s more, its golf retreats are almost always bolstered by deluxe mansions. Palm Beach instantly comes to mind. The town is known for its cluster of PGA-rated courses and curiously designed tropical holes. You could even snag a mansion overlooking the 18th green.