Everything you need to know about treehouse vacation rentals

If you're the sort of globetrotter that prizes seclusion, immersion in nature, and trips that fuse experience with luxury, a treehouse vacation rental is sure to be right up your alley. As unique homes away from home go, these are right up there with the most unusual and enchanting of options. A teak trunk poking through the bathroom floor? That's normal. Old-growth woodlands and grizzly-stalked forests on the doorstep? Get used to it. What's more, these bucket-list stays are now available all over, from the Smokies to the Coast Ranges to the humid rainforests of Central America.

All about adult treehouses


  • All about adult treehouses


    All about adult treehouses

    Get ready to be wowed by the styles of adult treehouses and treehouse lodges. Curious and unique, they’re an accommodation option that can really transform a vacation into something to write home about. Some are quirky and cool, perched high in Blue Ridge oaks – enough to leave moms and dads feeling like big kids….

  • All about treehouses in Oregon


    All about treehouses in Oregon

    Spiked by the pinnacles of the Cascade Mountains, carved by giant glaciers, blanketed with scented sage fields and tall redwoods, smashed by roaring Pacific surf – Oregon is a wild and wonderful state. So, why not make your vacation accommodation wild and wonderful, too? A treehouse in Oregon is a chance to do just that,…

  • Wild escapes to treehouse rentals in Washington


    Wild escapes to treehouse rentals in Washington

    From the North Cascades to the Olympic Peninsula, the wavy vineyards of the east to the whale-splashing sounds of the west, WA is a state of epic proportions. Treehouse rentals in Washington are a chance to snag your own little hideaway in the middle of it all. This guide can help you discover one that…

  • Treehouses in Arkansas – a guide


    Treehouses in Arkansas – a guide

    In the land of the carved Ozarks and the great green swatches of Ouachita National Forest, treehouses in Arkansas offer something wild and wonderful. They can get you sleeping to the sound of creaking oaks and waking to the rustle of leaves on the branches. They could be luxurious affairs, but also put you right…

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