Booking your treehouse in Asheville, NC

Booking your treehouse in Asheville, NC

Swirls of red maples and hemlock trees, hulking mountain silhouettes and wiggling byways encompass Asheville, NC. That’s why it’s the undisputed capital of the Blue Ridge, where adventurers and explorers flock year by year for their taste of Appalachia. For real immersion, a treehouse in Asheville, NC, could be a doozy, getting you out between the woods and wilds in a way other accommodation types can only dream of.

Amazing things about treehouse rentals Asheville, NC

A big deck with a BBQ grill overlooks the forests around Asheville, NC, from the side of a treehouse

A treehouse ain’t just a treehouse in Asheville, NC. These eco lodges lofted on oaks or nestled in Appalachia’s dense woods can actually be swish and stylish, with oodles of features that really set them apart from the crowd.

A cabin in a treehouse in Asheville, NC

Prepare to be surprised by the sheer wealth of space and square footage that some Ashville treehouses encompass. Sometimes, these intriguing escapes are a bona fide cabin perched on a great big oak. That means they can pack in living rooms, separate bedrooms, and even built-in kitchens.

Organic features of Asheville treehouses

Don’t be shocked to see a gnarled branch poking through the wooden joints of your floor. Don’t worry if there’s a creaking maple trunk curled around your window pane. That’s all essential to a stay in an authentic Asheville treehouse out in the woods.

Eco-friendly aspects of treehouses in Asheville, NC

Another great thing about the treehouse stays of Asheville is how well they seem to merge with the environment in a non-invasive way. Most are built from organic materials like real wood and stone, which helps to keep their carbon footprint low and their impact at a minimum.

Just a hint of luxury

You don’t have to forgo the usual creature comforts in an Asheville treehouse. Snuggling up by a crackling fireplace or watching the forest go by from a panoramic deck are still on the menu, even if you’ll be doing it all from 30 feet up a maple trunk.

Access to fun activities

Booking a treehouse in Asheville puts you right in the middle of nature and in a great location to enjoy all of the amazing activities Asheville has to offer, whether you’re traveling as a family, a pair, or a group of friends.

Areas in Asheville with treehouse rentals

A cozy bedroom with a natural branch poking through its floor in a treehouse in Asheville, NC

Read on to get a feel for the map in this enclave in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s got pointers on some of the best potential spots to seek out treehouses in Asheville, NC.

Go north to Weaverville

With good access to the Blue Ridge Parkway – a 10-minute drive down the road – and hearty North Carolinian art galleries and cafes aplenty, Weaverville is a treat. It’s quieter and more secluded than the heart of Asheville itself, which makes it a perfect setting for get-away-from-it-all treehouse rentals in the woods.

Closer to town in Woodfin

The treehouses in Asheville, NC, that offer the closest proximity to the heart of the artsy mountain town are probably in little Woodfin. It’s a vibrant place that pits Bavarian beer halls against Americana steakhouses, but also comes with dashes of white oak forests and pretty riverside parks.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

So, you’re looking to conquer the iconic Blue Ridge Parkway, with all the sweeping vistas of oak forests and hazy Appalachian peaks that goes with it? One way to really get immersed in the stunning wilds along the way is to opt for a NC treehouse stay, which pop up in glamping sites to the north and south of the famous parkway around Asheville.

Booking tips for bargain Asheville treehouses

A stunning vista of the Blue Ridge Mountains and their forested peaks

There are ways you can really cut down the cost of Asheville treehouses. Whether that means choosing the right season or being well prepared when it’s time to book, the hints below can help…

Get in there early

A key to getting a treehouse in Asheville, NC, for less is booking early. These quirky vacation rentals are always in high demand, so there’s bound to be tough competition for the cheapest of the cheap. Search for yours before the crowds and you’re more likely to be rewarded.

Be aware of the seasons

Droves of drivers, hikers, culture buffs, and adventurers flock to Asheville when the summer comes around. The town is overtaken by ad hoc music festivals and art shows, while the Blue Ridge looks positively stunning between June and August. That said, you might want to consider coming in May or September for the lower rates, when the trails are also not so busy, and the forests can look equally as amazing with spring blooms or fall colors.