All about adult treehouses

All about adult treehouses

Get ready to be wowed by the styles of adult treehouses and treehouse lodges. Curious and unique, they’re an accommodation option that can really transform a vacation into something to write home about. Some are quirky and cool, perched high in Blue Ridge oaks – enough to leave moms and dads feeling like big kids. Others are romantic and luxurious. And there are some with off-the-beaten-path locations deep in untrodden jungles.

Where can I find amazing adult treehouses?

A treehouse with a hammock overlooking the palm jungles of Ubud, Indonesia

These days, there’s no shortage of the wild and wonderful places where adult treehouses beckon from up above. Just be sure to pack that sense of adventure – then you can range from California’s pine-scented coast to the old-growth forests of Peru in search of that escape…

An adult treehouse for rent in the US

Looking for a treehouse in your own backyard? That won’t be a problem. With so many tree-clad reserves, state parks, and national parks from coast to coast, there’s almost always somewhere that will fit the bill. The Appalachian valleys around Asheville and the Great Smokies in Southern Tennessee both have enticing options with a Dixie charm to them. Then comes California’s rustic pioneer cabins near Yosemite, and long-lost timber lodges in the Sierra Nevada.

South America treehouse lodges

An adult treehouse in Peru or Brazil is an option for those who want something a little out of the ordinary. These are the stays that can whisk you away to the mighty Amazon jungle, where you’ll need to keep the eyes peeled for stalking jaguars and curious capybara whenever you glance outside the window.

Central America treehouse homes

Eco lodges of all sorts now sit lofted in the rainforests of Central America. One country stands out from the crowd – Costa Rica. In safari hot spots like Monteverde and Lake Arenal, it’s got trunk-top stays on the cusp of gushing waterfalls and roaring white-water rivers, not to mention some of the most biodiverse reserves on the globe.

What kinds of adult treehouses are out there?

A handsome treehouse built with natural timbers and surrounded by a wooden platform

If you’re wondering just how far the world of the treehouse home has come, read on to get a feel for the sheer kaleidoscope of various options now clinging to trunks and hiding between the boughs around the globe. From eco lodges to opulent woodland stays, they check plenty of boxes.

Luxury tree houses with class and style

Living in a tree doesn’t have to be basic. In some of the most opulent rentals, you can spend mornings cooking up breakfasts in designer kitchens, afternoons reclining on large-scale decking areas with stunning views, evenings soaking in steaming hot tubs, and nights snuggling in full king-sized beds.

A treehouse bed and breakfast

If you’re excited about that escape to the woodlands but aren’t sure about going it totally alone, there is a breed of treehouses for rent that can offer a dash of creature comfort. Cue the treehouse bed and breakfast category, which takes care of morning meals and usually has dedicated owners at hand to help you plan those forest adventures.

Rustic and remote treehouses for rent

The promise of off-road, off-radar travels means that some adult treehouses might be a tad tricky to find on the map. To reach them, you’ll need to delve deep into the Coast Ranges, scramble long-distance hiking trails in the Great Smoky Mountains, venture to the tops of the Georgian Blue Ridge – you get the idea.

Vacation types of adult treehouses

The view from inside to out in a luxury treehouse with its own stove and deck

Calling all traveling twosomes and just-married duos, intrepid families and would-be Davy Crockets – a stay in a treehouse could have all the ingredients for that extra special trip you’ve been searching for.

Treehouse cottages for couples

Move over bustling hotel resorts and ocean-side cabanas, the treehouse honeymoon is in town. You’ll be able to escape to somewhere remote and wild with your loved one in these. It won’t be your usual post-wedding escape, that’s for sure. Instead of white-sand beaches and azure seas, you’ll have misty rainforests in Costa Rica or romantic stretches of the Appalachian Trail to wander.

Treehouse accommodation for families

There are a few big treehouses that can host the whole crew in their lofted bunks and high-perched eves. In fact, some adult treehouses can feel just like homes away from home. They have sprawling living spaces with fireplaces, self-catering kitchens, and large al fresco decks with outdoor seating. You might even forget you’re 30 feet up in an oak grove.

A treehouse lodge for adventurers

Ready the compass and tighten the boot laces, it’s common to find treehouse homes in remote woodlands and even deep in the reserves of national parks. That might be a long-lost cabin clutching the hulking redwoods of California, a mossy hut in the Blue Ridge, or somewhere hidden in Latin America’s jungles. The upshot is that they promise oodles of adventure and exploration right outside the door.