Wonderful treehouse cabins

Wonderful treehouse cabins

Everyone loves a cabin stay. Warm, cozy, and channeling just a dash of that pioneer spirit, they promise to be a true break from the topsy-turvy of life in the city. Treehouse cabins are on another level altogether – quite literally. They loft you high into oak groves and redwoods for a better view of the forests, and they provide a base amidst some of the country’s most enticing reserves and state parks.

Amazing treehouse cabins across the USA

A hidden treehouse in Georgia's woods

Tennessee for treehouse cabins in the Smokies

Tennessee spills southwards to meet the Sugarlands and the iconic Great Smoky Mountains. Beyond the rattling roller coasters of Dollywood, those reserves rise with wooded peaks and stirring forested valleys famed for their eerie blue mists. Treehouse cabins here are steeped in hearty Appalachian styles, with hickory-wood furniture and log-hewn walls.

Texan treehouse cabins for rent

Lone Star locals won’t even have to cross state lines to find themselves a treehouse cabin. On the winding bends of the Guadalupe and Comal rivers in New Braunfels, for example, there are colorful cottages lofted in strong cypress trees. They come with wraparound decks and might even sit just feet from a private river beach where a swinging hammock awaits.

Get your treetop cabin in Arkansas

Arkansas is a doozy for lovers of treetop cabin vacations because it claims great swathes of old-growth forestry. The obvious place to go looking for an escape is the Ozarks, where you can discover chiseled bluffs strewn with white oaks and carved by gushing waterfalls. Further south, Hot Springs and the Ouachita National Forest have other choices, all close to primeval woods and steaming natural pools.

California‘s awesome treehouse cabins

Escape to where the sculpted Half Dome and El Captain rise from fir-packed valleys, or venture to the looming Redwood National Park and its wave-lashed Pacific bays, and you’re sure to be in the company of some of the most amazing treehouse cabins in the country. They are remote and wild, with famous trails like the Pacific Crest right on the doorstep.

A shot of the wooded valleys of Appalachia, with forests tinted with yellow, red, and green

Georgia’s got one foot on the Blue Ridge

If you can tear yourself away from the foot-stomping bluegrass taverns and hearty mountain inns of Blue Ridge – Georgia’s principle Appalachian town – for a moment, there’s a couple of alluring treehouse cabins that could just pique your interest. Traditional pioneer style abounds, with interiors that are cozy both in summer and when the snows fall.

Seek a treehouse cabin in Oklahoma

The heart of the Great Plains might not seem like prime hunting ground for a jaunt to the forest, but treehouse cabins in Oklahoma are actually up there with the best. They channel an authentic Choctaw vibe, drawing on Native crafts and traditions to offer somewhere unique and thought-provoking near places like Eufaula Lake and the Canadian River.

What types of treehouse cabin can I pick from?

A big treehouse cabin with its own decks and multiple rooms

There’s no need to be concerned if this is your first time swapping a classic hotel stay for an offbeat treehouse cabin. These types of cool and forget-me-not accommodations usually manage to capture the imagination of a whole host of travelers, especially as they come in so many different shapes and sizes.

Romantic treetop cabins for couples

What could be better for turning on the romance than a private pad lost somewhere in the woods and leaves? You’ll share plenty of special moments with your other half in treehouse cabins, whether you’re watching the sunset glow over color-changing New England oaks and maples or soaking in a hot tub beneath rock-ribbed Ozark ridges.

Deluxe treehouse cabins

You might be choosing a vacation rental in a tree, but that doesn’t mean it has to be rustic. In fact, you can unearth downright luxurious examples of forested hideaways. Bathrooms with walk-in showers beckon in some, along with hot tubs under swaying oak groves, big decks and BBQ grills, and primary bedrooms with four-poster spreads.

Family treehouses

There’s no reason the whole pack of kids, cousins, uncles, and all shouldn’t tag along for your expedition to Appalachia or the redwoods. There are treehouse cabins for rent that are designed to cater to whole families. And then there are others that are located in a complex of cabins, sometimes even linked by their own wooden decks and rope bridges.