Treehouses in Arkansas – a guide

Treehouses in Arkansas – a guide

In the land of the carved Ozarks and the great green swatches of Ouachita National Forest, treehouses in Arkansas offer something wild and wonderful. They can get you sleeping to the sound of creaking oaks and waking to the rustle of leaves on the branches. They could be luxurious affairs, but also put you right next to inviting trails and sloshing mountain lakes.

Different types of treehouses in Arkansas

 A deck with seating overlooks a forest in Arkansas from the side of a treehouse stay

The treehouse cabins of Arkansas are ready to impress and amaze a whole load of different globetrotters. Whether you’re a loved-up couple or a whole family crew, there’s bound to be something to fit…

Treehouses in Arkansas for families

Treehouses aren’t what you might expect these days. Far from being tiny, tight-knit boxes clinging the sides of trunks, they can actually be fully-fledged homes, complete with kitchen areas, extra bedrooms, bunk beds, and even al fresco living spaces.

Check out our guide to family vacations in Arkansas for ideas of what to do with kids during your treehouse stay!

Romantic treehouses in Arkansas

There’s no reason why an escape to treehouse cabins in Arkansas can’t be one for the honeymooners. After all, they promise almost total seclusion in some of the Natural State’s most enthralling parks and reserves. Some even put steaming hot springs on the doorstep for al fresco pampering sessions.

Lone adventurers

Going it solo? That won’t be a problem in the treehouses of Arkansas. There are compact, cabin-like pads that are great for adventures on your own. Many are also only a short hop away from the iconic long-distance trekking routes of the Ouachita National Recreation Trail and the Ozark Highlands Trail.

The best areas of Arkansas

The wooded landscape of Arkansas in the fall, with the forests changing to red and yellow

If you’re not familiar with the map of Arkansas, the pointers below can help you zoom in on some locations where the treehouses are bound to be spectacular. It ranges from the gorges and lakes of the Ozarks to the untamed Ouachitas peaks.

Eureka Springs – the gateway to the Ozarks

If you don’t get caught in the coffee-sloshing, pancake-toppling diners of bustling Main Street, or in the quaint Victorian cottages of Eureka Springs’s center, there are treehouses here that could be a ticket to the famed wilds of the Ozarks. That means gem-studded jaunts to the deep Onyx Cave and outings to see high Beaver Dam are on the menu.

The rest of the Ozarks for treehouses in Arkansas

Eureka Springs isn’t the only place to find treehouse cabins in Arkansas that are a springboard to the white oak and river birches of the Ozarks. Smaller towns like Jasper and Mountain View have some more off-the-beaten-path options. Expect to get sweeping views of jutting stones in the Upper Buffalo Wilderness, or proximity to gurgling Richland Creek and its old hickory groves, in those.

Little Rock and the Ouachitas

Engulfing the state capital of Little Rock on its western side, Ouachita National Forest is home to some of the South’s superlative natural wonders. First off, primeval woodland is everywhere, with rare blackjack oaks mingling with elms and gum trees. There are endless hiking routes up forested ridges in the Winding Stair Mountains, while roadies will love the snaking Talimena Scenic Drive. And there are some truly enticing treehouses in this Arkansas reserve as well.

Soothe away your troubles in Hot Springs

Some of the most sought-after treehouses in Arkansas are surely in the town of Hot Springs. Just on the southeastern cusp of vast Ouachita, it’s got the much smaller Hot Springs National Park. Rustic cabins lofted above the forest floor there are great for R&R, especially with so many steaming pools and mountain baths to dive into.

Snagging bargain treehouses in Arkansas

 A treehouse cabin in Arkansas is reached by a wooden pathway in the forest

Don’t overpay for your getaway to the wooded wilds of Arkansas. Great deals in these unusual and different lodgings are easier to secure if you follow the handy, money-saving hints below…

Booking treehouse cabins in Arkansas really early

There are plenty of travelers who will have their heart set on a break to the Ozark forests or by the bubbling pools of Hot Springs this year. That means you’d do well to go looking for rare treehouses in Arkansas as early as you can, before someone else grabs the secret bargains.

Visit during spring or fall

When the forests of Ouachita come to life in May, there’s real enchantments about sleeping deep in the woods in the company of wildflowers and bluebells. In fall, things are equally as lovely, as the colors change around the banks of the Ozark lakes. The good news is that these two seasons tend to be considerably cheaper in the state’s treehouse lodgings.