Treehouse rentals in Kentucky are just the beginning

Treehouse rentals in Kentucky are surely among the most popular choices for outdoorsy types after a woodland vacay. However, they certainly aren't the only option. You can also discover amazing places with treetop rentals from East Coast to West Coast, whether that's the deep Dells of Wisconsin or the pine-scented peaks around LA.

Start with treehouse rentals in KY

Kentucky might just be the best place in the country to go hunting for a treehouse stay. As you wiggle through the rising foothills on the south side of the state, you eventually enter the Sugarlands and the Great Smokies. Together, they offer a glimpse of time-stood-still Appalachia, where timber-built cabins and bluegrass bars nestle between misty forests. The treehouses themselves are often laced with charm and frills, with extra romance in the ones with al fresco hot tubs.

A retreat to treehouse rentals in NY

A tree house in New York is a breakaway from the buzz of the Big Apple. There'll be no honking taxi cabs and neon-lit Broadway shows in these parts, just the smell of old oaks and the undergrowth deep in the Adirondacks and the Catskills. But life's not all rustic – treehouse rentals in NY can also be super stylish, with steaming hot tubs, plush living rooms warmed by fires, and proximity to exclusive ski fields. Other options straddle the banks of the Finger Lakes or provide access to wonders like the gushing Niagara Falls on the edge of the Canadian border.

Consider a treehouse rental in Wisconsin

Wisconsin's treehouses are a traditional Midwestern affair. Like old hunting shacks, they hide in pretty pine groves near fishing rivers and woodland reserves. They typically come with homey interiors filled with warming stoves and swinging lanterns. And they can get you close to famous vacationing retreats like the carved lakes of the Wisconsin Dells and the remote Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

There are treehouse rentals in Missouri

Central Missouri and Southeast Missouri are peppered with more national forests than you could possibly get through in a single vacation. Meanwhile, the heart of the state has the wiggling Lake of the Ozarks, cut through by bucket-list adventure routes like the Ozark National Scenic Riverways and the Lewis & Clark Trail. A smattering of treehouse rentals in Missouri promise to get you totally immersed in all that.

Californian wildernesses with a treehouse in Los Angeles

Think Los Angeles, think sleepless cityscapes with star-studded boulevards and slick vacation homes by the beach. That's true, but it's not the whole story. California's largest metropolis is also enfolded by chaparral-clad mountains, alpine lakes, and pine forests. Escape to those and you can get enchanting treehouses overlooking the snowy tops of Mount San Antonio or the glistening waters of Big Bear Lake.

The draws of treehouse rentals in Michigan

There are also top-quality treehouse rentals in the Midwest, and the vast state of Michigan often tops the bunch. Its Upper Peninsular is a doozy, with curious yurt-style lodgings wedged into ancient forests of beech, tucked by the base of ski slopes, and even clinging to the carved cliffs that drop into Lake Michigan. Leelanau is another story, putting treehouse rentals between cherry farms and organic apple orchards.

Get to treehouse rentals in Indiana

In the very heart of the region, Indiana touts a few more off-the-beaten-path treehouse rentals in the Midwest. That's because they lurk on the edges of untrodden reserves, with Hoosier National Forest and the locust-fringed waters of Chain O' Lakes State Park just two examples of enticing spots you can check out. Alternatively, you can also mosey down to the motor-headed draws of Indianapolis – treehouse rentals dot the outskirts of the city, offering somewhere unique to stay near the hallowed tracks of the Indy 500.