Your guide to booking treehouse rentals in California

Your guide to booking treehouse rentals in California

The draws of California are many – sun-splashed sands, roaring surf, hip and happening Hollywood. But there’s another side to the Golden State. It hides up in the Sierra Nevada and with the ancient peaks of the Yosemite Valley, along the craggy Big Sur and deep in groves of giant sequoias. It’s in those areas, and plenty of others, that you’ll discover unique and thoughtful treehouse rentals in California, with pine-scented hiking routes and wave-battered coves waiting out the window.

Treehouse rentals all over California

A view of the pine-blanketed hills around the Big Sur from a treehouse rental in California

It’s no secret that California’s a big old state. It covers cacti-sprouting deserts and glacial mountains as it runs from the border with Mexico to the Coast Ranges on the edge of Oregon. That’s great news for seekers of amazing treehouses, what with so many wildernesses and reserves to explore along the way.

Treehouse resorts in California’s Big Sur

The Big Sur is up there with the most iconic reserves in all of the Americas – nay, the world. It’s the point where the Central Coast gets most rugged, wild, and – of course – breathtaking, with visions of waterfalls cascading straight into the Pacific and pine-topped cliffs above golden beaches. A treehouse in California is a great way to explore the region, promising to have you looking out over the ocean and treading coastal walking paths right outside your door.

Your treehouse in California in Yosemite

The stunning outline of the Half Dome in Yosemite National Park

Ah, Yosemite. There are few national parks that have the stark reputation of this one. Carved out by mighty ice-age glaciers, it’s now a whittling of granite peaks like El Capitan and the great Half Dome. Bear-stalked woodlands also dominate, creating prime territory for treehouse rentals. You can look for yours near the western border, in old mining towns like Midpines and Mariposa.

Redwoods treehouses in California

When it comes to famous trees in California, few can live up to the reputation of the redwoods. These hulking specimens dominate the cliffs and the Coast Ranges on the northern fringes of the Golden State. They really are awesome to behold, and they come ringed by the famous trails of Six Rivers National Forest and the kayaking ways of the Smith River.

Treehouses on the cusp of Petaluma

If you’re pining after a treehouse vacation in California but don’t want to stray too far from happening San Francisco and the Bay Area, little Petaluma could be the spot for you. It sits on the northern edge of the metropolis, beckoning with rolling vineyards and the best cellar doors this side of the Napa Valley.

Mountain escapes to treehouses in Idyllwild

Most folk don’t take much convincing to vacation in Idyllwild. A jewel in the midst of the San Jacinto Mountains, the town is like something plucked from the Alpine heights of Switzerland. Areas like Pine Cove are perfect for treehouse and tree-topped escapes, putting eco cafes, farm-to-table bistros, and alluring forest trails right next door.

Booking tips for treehouse rentals in California

A treehouse-style cabin with a wraparound deck overlooks the Californian pine forests

Before you spring for that redwood-topped cabin or bungalow by the wineries of the Santa Ynez, it might be worth checking the handy hints below. They have pointers on the top seasons for treehouse rentals in California, along with tips on how you can snag wallet-friendly bargains.

Spring and fall tend to be best

Summer on the West Coast is when things are in full swing. The temps are high, the beaches are strewn with bodies, the waves are populated with surfers. Away from the cooling Pacific, though, up with the treehouses and pine woods of the peaks, things can get pretty balmy and busy. Spring and fall might be better for avoiding the heat and exploring the hiking trails, not to mention lower rates if you’re on a tight budget.

Book your treehouse resort in California early

Treehouse rentals in California promise to be something truly out of the ordinary. That means they are always in demand with intrepid globetrotters who want a unique experience on the Big Sur or deep in the Sierra Nevada. To ensure you get the one that’s captured your imagination, it’s a good idea to book early.

Be ready for an adventure

Before you jet off or rev up the engine for that escapade to the Central Coast or the jaw-dropping woods of Yosemite, it’s worth noting that treehouse rentals in California often occupy the state’s wilder corners. It won’t be your usual resort-by-the-beach sort of vacation. You might need to pack extra sweaters, sleeping bags, camping gear, and outdoors equipment.