Stalk out the slopes of the hickory-filled Blue Ridge Mountains, descend the misty Smokies, and range across to the barrier islands of the Atlantic coast with this guide to treehouse rentals in NC. It offers destination inspiration and plenty of handy booking tips for anyone eager for a North Carolinian adventure this year.

Treehouse rentals in the mountains of North Carolina

For many an adventurer, there's simply no more enchanting a corner of the Old North State than where the Appalachian Mountains dash through. Asheville is the obvious place to start your accommodation search, but there are other characterful towns and state parks with their own unique NC treehouse rentals.

Asheville – the go-to gateway to the mountains

Asheville is an artsy, buzzy mountain town that's actually much more than just a springboard to the Blue Ridge Parkway, which you'll find wiggling past the city on its southern side. It's a creative hub for performers and painters, and lays claim to some of the most cutting-edge gastronomy outside of Charlotte. The upshot? Treehouses near the center are great for balancing hiking days with cultural pursuits.

Hot Springs – assemble hikers

The world-famous Appalachian Trail weaves right through the heart of little Hot Springs. Because of that, the town has become a haven for ramblers and trekkers, hosting earthy Smoky Mountain taverns and boot shops galore. It's also dotted with some of NC's most remote and traditional treetop cabins.

Wonderful Weaverville

On the way to the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains as you navigate the forests north of Asheville, Weaverville is a prime place to rest the head and lace up the boots. It shouldn't be hard to find a treehouse that lets you do just that near the center, close to the roaring white-water rapids of the French Broad River, and within shooting distance of the vast Pisgah National Forest.

Other places to find your treehouse in North Carolina

The great curve of Appalachia and the mist-topped Blue Ridge aren't the only places to find a treehouse in North Carolina. Beyond them, a whole state of glistening lakes and thickets, shiny beaches and barrier islands offers plenty more.

A treehouse in North Carolina's biggest town

You don't have to pick a hotel or inner-city vacation pad when visiting the electrifying NASCAR exhibits and science museums of Charlotte. As the great metropolis sprawls outwards, it gives way to parks at Sugar Creek and Reedy Creek. You might find a cabin lifted into the tree trunks in those parts, though you'll need to be ready to make the 30-minute drive to the First Ward downtown when it's time to do some urban sightseeing.

A treehouse on the Outer Banks

You might know the Outer Banks better for their grand mansions, rich Colonial history, and shimmering beaches. But this long and arced series of barrier islands on the Atlantic also hosts treehouses in North Carolina with walking access to pristine sands and dune habitats. They tend to fuse classic beach cottage styles with a twist of rustic cabin architecture.

Planning your trip to treehouse rentals in NC

For some handy hints and money-saving tips when it comes to booking the very best of treehouses in North Carolina, read on. Below are a series of in-the-know clues for anyone planning a vacay to NC's wild woodlands, Smoky Mountains, or roaring Atlantic coast.

Book early to get the top deals

Don't be surprised if treehouses in North Carolina, particularly the luxurious ones with their own hot tubs and cozy living rooms, sell out quickly. There's certainly not an overload of these types of vacation rentals in the Old North State, which means you'll have to secure yours early if you're dead set on going.

Be aware of seasonal changes

Because treehouses aren't your run-of-the-mill vacation home, it's important to consider what season you choose to visit. Come winter, it's possible that these sorts of accommodations will be too cold, especially up in the snow-doused ridges of the Appalachian Mountains. If you do come between November and March, perhaps a place with its own wood-fired stove or fireplace is in order?

Choose a luxury treehouse in North Carolina for real R&R

It's true that treehouse rentals in NC are a ticket to the wilder corners of the state. But that doesn't mean they have to be completely rustic. In fact, there are some with steaming hot tubs buried in their oak-shaded gardens, while others have bedrooms that burst with king-sized beds and designer furniture.

Al fresco living could be really important

Always check to see what outdoor space comes with that treehouse rental in NC. One of the great joys of these types of rental is being immersed in mother nature. A deck with a hammock or a rocking chair can make all the difference, while, come summer, your very own BBQ grill could be indispensable.