All about treehouses in Texas

All about treehouses in Texas

If you’ve ever dreamed of your own castle in the canopy, your own cabin in the trunks, a treehouse in Texas could see that all come true on your next vacation. These unique stays offer a totally different way to experience the Lone Star State. Some are luxurious and plush, others are rustic and homey. All will put you near whizzing ziplines or babbling river rapids, Texan forests or dust-blown canyons.

Awesome areas of Texas to seek out a treehouse

A unique tree-shrouded house hides between the woods in the urban sprawl of Dallas

Size matters down in Texas. Second only to Alaska in size, this huge cut-out of the US map has all sorts of regions and wildernesses up its sleeve. Going from the sparkling barrier islands and their glowing Gulf Coast waters in the south, through the piney woods and prairies, all the way to the rugged gorges of Big Bend Country, this guide offers oodles of destination inspiration for that up-coming treehouse vacay.

A treehouse in Texas’s state capital

You don’t have to leave the twanging blues bars and honky-tonks of the Lone Star’s rollicking capital in the dust when you pick treehouses in Texas. There are some enticing woodland stays that promise a pad on the outskirts of the city. They are perfect for weekends away from Downtown, popping up by the side of creeks and pine forests of towns like Spicewood and the Colorado River just a short jaunt from Austin.

Urban treehouses in Texas’s buzzing Big D

It’s a similar story between the sizzling BBQ grills and rambunctious rodeos of Dallas. Some treehouses in Texas offer a breath of fresh air really close to the bucket-list sights of the metropolis. You might be able to spy them out rising with the leafy blocks of neighborhoods like Little Forest Hills, right on the doorstep of the Dallas Arboretum and White Rock Creek.

Cool summer days on the Frio River

When the mercury cranks skywards in the hot Texan summer months, oodles of city clickers seek out country breaks on the edge of one of the state’s many riverways. The Frio River is a prime example. Just 75 miles outside of San Antonio, it’s easy to get to. It’s also fed by consistent underground springs that keep it cool. Treehouses are available along its length, with some even within walking distance of swimming beaches and tubing spots.

Treehouses in Texas Hill Country

Venture west of Austin and San Antonio and you’ll soon enter Texas Hill Country. High ridges of rock-ribbed stone start to lurch overhead there, while crystal-clear waterways wiggle this way and that through meadows that bloom with wildflowers come April and May. From its start all the way to the Mexico border, the region hosts some of the most popular treehouses in Texas, many clustering along the rocky banks of the Guadalupe River.

What types of treehouses are on offer in Texas?

An age-old tree breaks through the wooden walkway that leads to a Texan treehouse

The pointers below give a glimpse at just a few of the different types of treehouses on the roster across this vast Southern state. Which will you choose?

Family-ready Texan treehouses

Let the kids, the cousins, and any friends tag along on your expedition to the Lone Star hills and lakes and rivers by choosing a treehouse in Texas that’s primed for over two guests. There are lots with bunk beds and multiple primary bedrooms, while others will come as part of a treehouse complex where you can book more than one rental at a time.

Deluxe treehouse rentals in Texas

There’s a certain sub-category of treehouses in Texas that are sure to leave you feeling like a bona fide A-lister. They might look rustic from the outside – despite the odd hot tub steaming away in the garden. But go in and there’s a world of handcrafted spiral staircases, crackling log fires, uber-comfy beds, and walk-in showers to enjoy.

Cabin-style tree-top stays in Texas

Some treehouses in Texas aren’t lofted into the canopy at all. Instead, they are built more like a traditional cabin, only with trunks forming part of the structure, poking through the walls, or leaning soporifically over the porch. Because they have their foundations on the ground, these getaways are often more spacious and modern.

Snagging bargain treehouses in Texas

The lounge in a sumptuous treehouse in Texas, complete with fireplace and designer sofa

One great thing about plumping for a posh treehouse over a classic outback lodge or hotel is the price. Rates are often considerably lower in these sleek campsite mashups, even if there are always other ways to reduce the cost of a booking…

Get your treehouse in Texas as early as possible

If there’s one issue with treehouse rentals in Texas, it’s that there aren’t enough to go around. To ensure you’re always in with a chance of getting the lowest rates in the most attractive lettings, it’s important you start planning your escape early.

Avoid popular vacation times

The Lone Star State, particularly its cool rivers, Hill Country, and Gulf Coast islands, has long been a popular escape for snowbirds wanting to flee the icy Midwestern winter. Spring Break is also a busy time of year. And summer is peak, with vacationers flocking to all sorts of accommodations between June and August. That usually leaves fall and late winter to have the most wallet-friendly deals of all.