Midwest adventures when glamping in Michigan

Midwest adventures when glamping in Michigan

How about seeing a different side of MI this year? How about a slice of the wilder Midwest? Glamping in Michigan offers all that and more, balancing creature comforts with a place in the country. This guide shows the sort of forget-me-not stays that you can encounter, along with some of the amazing destinations you can choose.

Where to head for glamping in Michigan

A shot of the Lake Leelanau waterfront and its powdery beach as the sun is setting

If you’re not sure what part of Michigan is best for a glamping jaunt, read on for a few pointers on the state’s coolest corners. They range from the rugged cliffs of the Upper Peninsula to the sun-splashed beaches that come to life during the summertime around Lake Michigan itself.

The hills around Mount Bohemia

Mount Bohemia might be best known as Michigan’s premier ski resort, a place that buzzes with life when snows blanket the forested hills of the Midwest. But it’s not just for powder hounds. Spring and summer see countless mountain trails thaw open and the Black Diamond runs convert to biking trails. There are glamping options, too, in the form of Mongolian yurt stays and little wood-built cabins.

The vastness of the Upper Peninsula

The wild draws of the Upper Peninsula aren’t limited to the speedy ski runs at its tip. There are endless tracts of forests and loads of lakes here, while lots of folk are drawn to towns like curiously named Christmas. That buts up to the edge of sloshing Lake Superior, which puts waterskiing and sailing days on the menu for glampers.

Wines and dunes in Leelanau County

You’ll be able to pop a Michigan cider and taste some organic wines as you settle on the picnic tables outside your Leelanau County glamping stay. In a seriously beautiful corner of the Midwest, the region is famed for its cherry farms and bucolic vineyards. Along its shores, you can find striking dune landscapes formed from high sand hills, culminating in the stunning vistas of Lake Michigan that are on offer from the Sleeping Bear Dunes.

Glamping in Michigan’s summertime resorts

There’s no question that glamping rentals in Michigan really come into their own when warm weather sweeps across the region. That usually happens in late May and doesn’t let up again until September. This is high time to seek out all sorts of vacation rentals in the twin lakeside resorts of Saugatuck-Douglas. It’s easy to see why, what with the glowing sands of Pier Cove Beach and those verdant woodland groves that hide cabins and camping pods aplenty.

Types of glamping to find in Michigan

A view of the rugged headlands and forests of the Upper Peninsula, Michigan

You might just be pleasantly surprised at the range of different sorts of glamping rentals that could be on the menu in Michigan. These days, off-beat stays in the Midwest include all sorts, from mobile homes with a 60s or 70s vibe to curious tent structures that look picked off the eastern steppes.

Cool RVs

Retro RVs aren’t all bound to rust away in scrapyards. Some have a destiny that takes them to bohemian spots for glamping in Michigan. Track down these classic 40-footer vehicles and you could snag a swish camping escape that’s on wheels, not to mention brimming with thoughtful features from decades gone by.

Historic yurts

Yurts can trace their roots all the way back to the medieval khanates of the Mongolian steppe. Hopefully you won’t encounter a ferocious Genghis Khan in the ones in Michigan, though, only big and airy bedroom spaces with enough square footage for king-sized beds and sofas, along with hearty outdoor areas with BBQ grills and fire pits.

Cool permanent tents

Don’t expect to have to fiddle with irritating poles and zips if you choose one of Michigan’s stylish tent setups. These are semi-permanent structures like the explorer tents of old. They have studier designs than shop-bought canvas bivouacs and loads more space as well.

Get yourself bargain glamping in Michigan

A sandy beach and grassy dunes unfold by the shores of Lake Michigan

Glamping is meant to be a cheaper ticket to the great outdoors than large-scale chalets or cabin rentals. To get the costs of a vacation to the Midwest even lower, you can follow the top tips below.

Come on the fringes of the summertime

Bear in mind that you don’t have to hit Michigan between June and August to experience its beauty. The fall, when the forests of the Upper Peninsular turn ochre and orange and yellow can be awesome, too. And there are even heated glamping options that could be a winter escape, to snow fields and ski runs, perhaps.

Book glamping in Michigan well in advance

Because glamping in Michigan remains something of a novelty, it’s always wise to try to secure your stay nice and early. You’ll often find that the best deals in these quirky tents or yurts go quickly, especially as the warmer months approach, and in destinations close to the popular Great Lakes beaches.