All about glamping in Northern California

Wax down the hiking boots, fold up the trail maps, and get ready to delve into one of the most untamed and eye-wateringly awesome regions in the west. By choosing glamping in Northern California, you're going for a style of accommodation that promises to put mother nature front and center, with a few luxuries and upscale features thrown in for good measure, of course.

Glamping in Northern California for different globetrotters

There's no end to the sorts of travelers that will love glamping in California. By artfully balancing creature comforts with a place in the great outdoors, these stays have something to draw in everyone from the A-lister and hardcore hiker.

Family glamping in Northern California

Get the quality time a-flowing with the whole crew by focusing in on glamping in Northern California that can suit a larger group. You might need to book one or two tents or pods to fit everyone in. And you'll certainly need to pack extra Buffalo wings for the grill. The good news is that Cali's northern wildernesses are relatively easy to reach, with the Pacific Coast Highway and interstates from San Francisco and Sacramento all crisscrossing the map.

Romantic glamping in Northern California

What could possibly say "I love you" more than swinging open the flap of a plush tentalow and revealing the gasp-inducing outline of the Half Dome mountain or dolphin pods splashing under the carved cliffs of the Big Sur? That's the sort of bucket-list-busting experience you can share with someone special when you choose to go glamping in Northern California.

Adventure seekers adore glamping in Northern California

It's easy to see why anyone with a penchant for the hiking boots and the skis, the climbing ropes and the compass, will enjoy a glamping trip to Northern California. These are the stays that get you sleeping between redwood groves, on the edge of the Pacific Crest Trail, by roaring surf swells without the crowds of SoCal. It's riveting stuff.

Creative types of glamping in Northern California

Going the glamping way is all about finding quirky, different, and off-beat places to stay. Northern California's range of souped-up wilderness retreats certainly doesn't disappoint on that count. Read on to see just a few of the weird and wonderful escapes you could be vacationing in this year.

A homey yurt to call your own

One style of glamping in Northern California that's sure to turn heads is the yurt. Inspired by the nomad homes of Mongolian herders, they are warm, big, and homey. In fact, you might even have more room than a classic hotel suite in one of these huts, only with Redwood National Park or the undulating vineyards of the Napa Valley right outside.

Historic tepees

A great way to feel the traditions of the Wild West while glamping in Northern California is to choose a triangular tepee. They fit seamlessly with the pine woods and the ridges of the Sierra Nevada to give a vacation rental that's not only encircled by stunning vistas, but also steeped in American culture and heritage.

Forest getaways to a glamping pod

Like the lean-to homes of the old pioneers and mountain trappers, a glamping pod is essentially a cabin lost in the woods and ranges. It's typically built from timber and is compact, with room enough for a bed and a few extras inside. The real joys of these are outdoors, though, where you can find BBQ grills and fire pits.

Amazing destinations for glamping in Northern California

Northern California is brimming with so many places that are set to take the breath away, it can be hard to pin down any selection of the very best. But if you simply had to choose, a medley of towering redwood forests, carved granite mountains, and wave-lashed cliffs with resident whales might just do it justice…

The Big Sur beckons

There's wonder at every turn in the Pacific Coast Highway down on the Big Sur. Strictly speaking a stepping stone between the rugged Central Coast and Northern California, the region is anchored on the pine-scented town of Carmel-by-the-Sea. From there, you can go south to find glamp sites clinging to high cliffs and hidden in dense sequoia groves. Some could even put the breathtaking McWay Falls on the doorstep, which cascades straight into the Pacific from a rock-ribbed headland.

Untamed Sonoma and beyond

Sonoma Coast State Park takes over on the shores north of San Francisco. It's a land of brown-tinted cliffs and hills, fringed with curved bays and rock stacks. Scenic drives can last hours, but you'll also want to pull over and tread hiking paths like the one at Bodega Head, where you can even spot migrating blue whales between January and May.

Pioneer trails in Yosemite

The allure of Yosemite is undeniable. High up at the western end of the Sierra Nevada, the reserve draws in up to four million people per year. Most will come for the day but opting for glamping in Northern California means you can hang around for longer. Grab yourself a cabin or a tentalow and the iconic outline of El Capitan could always be on the horizon, along with the gushing Ribbon Falls, and sightings of mule deer and marmots.