Adventures in style with luxury tents

Adventures in style with luxury tents

Going into the wilderness doesn’t have to be hard going. Luxury tents prove that, offering all the seclusion and rustic charm you could ask for, only with a dash of the high life. From hot tubs to crackling wood fires, plush bedspreads to stunning settings, they pack in all sorts of sought-after features. This guide can help you get a feel for what classy camping means, and what types of escapes are on the menu.

The variety of luxury tents

Two luxury tents with wood decks sit by a pool in a vineyard

Luxury tents aren’t just bigger versions of the ones you’re used to on campsites. They are much, much more than that, just as the pointers below reveal…

There’s nothing quite like a yurt

Channel your inner explorer by seeking out a yurt tent. These intriguing circular structures are half tent, half shack. They are built around a wooden skeleton that adds strength, before being covered with hardy tarps and natural canvas. Inside, they are among the most spacious of luxury tents, which means four-poster beds and cushy sofas are the norm.

Traditional tepees

Stemming back to the days when the Sioux tribes of the Great Plains ruled swathes of the country, the tepee is a luxury tent option that’s steeped in history. They are built around a central stack of wooden planks, creating a pyramid shape that’s wider at the base than at the top. That naturally corals warmth and adds room for bunks, armchairs, and cooking stoves.

Safari tentalows to amaze

The wide door flaps of the classic safari tentalow make for an iconic sort of luxury tent that’s perfect if you like to merge indoor and outdoor living on your jaunts to the wild. Inspired by the explorer abodes of old Africa, they can come with enough room for king-sized sleeping and enchanting decks with fire pits.

Surprising features of luxury tents

The warm and cozy interior of a safari tentalow in Africa

Get ready to be shocked at the sheer opulence of some luxury tents. From fitted showers to sumptuous living areas to heat controls and more, there’s sometimes no separating these from your usual hotel suite.

Luxury tents with air conditioning and heating

Perhaps you’re settling into a tepee between the snow-doused ridges of the Sierra Nevada? Maybe your trekking deep into the deserts of Indian Rajasthan for a nomadic wigwam surrounded by camels and dunes? Either way, a tent that has its own climate control promises to be much more comfortable than one without.

Hot tubs just outside

If you’re looking to spice up that safari tent with something extra special, a hot tub can oblige. These steaming spa pools await out the front of a whole load of luxury pitches, with many even offering sweeping views of the mountains, the coast, or the forests from their al fresco perch.

Indoor plumbing bathrooms are a possibility

Whoever said tents couldn’t have their own bathroom? Purveyors of luxury tents have been fitting marble-clad shower spaces and even free-standing Victorian bathtubs into their lodgings for a while now, so you can look forward to a good soak after day-long hikes and mountain biking sessions.

What vacations are luxury tents perfect for?

Two deck chairs with towels on top overlook Mexican mountains

Not sure a luxury tent is the pick for you? Read on to glimpse the range of globetrotters that could find something to like about upscale canvases in far-flung locations. You might just be convinced.

Romance in the wilds

Getting away just the two of you takes on a whole new meaning if you pick a luxury tent over a cottage, villa, or hotel. That’s because these types of accommodation are truly immersed in nature. They offer you and the other half a bona fide escape from the rhythm of the Rat Race, so you can focus on enjoying quality time and getting back to basics.

True adventures with a touch of class

Hardy explorers don’t always have to rough it a la Bear Grylls. Hot tubs and fire-crackling stoves can also be a part of a true getaway that’s about treading famous hiking trails and being surrounded by untamed landscapes. Just look at the wealth of luxury tents that are on offer in places like Yosemite, by the wave-crashing Big Sur, deep in Appalachia – the list goes on.

Intrepid family outings

There are some luxury tent rentals that increase the square footage and pack in bunk beds, doubles, and perhaps even separate bedrooms, not to mention self-catering cooking facilities. They are perfect for whole families who want to get out and about, whether that means to a more off-beat barrier island around the Floridian coast or a long-lost valley in the midst of the NY Adirondacks.