Yurts are surely up there with the most characterful and charming of glamping accommodations. They draw on millennia of history, with roots that go back to the medieval khanates of the Mongolian steppe. These days, they can also be uber-luxurious, brimming with four-poster beds, fitted bathrooms, and more. This guide aims to aid the search for that perfect yurt rental and provide a little destination inspiration along the way.

Great things about a yurt stay

A yurt is something truly special – the sort of vacation rental you won't forget. There are loads of reasons for that, but it's the surprising value of a jaunt to a yurt and their age-old traditions that often first spring to mind.

A unique building style

The yurt lays claim to a rich and storied history. Its style of architecture first originated on the rolling steppes of Central Asia. In those untamed corners of the planet, the humble ger – as a yurt is also known – provided shelter to Mongolian herders, and even the warriors of Genghis Khan. The luxury yurts of today are still constructed in the same way as their ancestors, with a hardy timber frames and natural canvases on top.

The affordability of a yurt

Although you're likely to be amazed at the sheer space and opulence that's offered by some yurts for rent, these glamping tents still tend to represent excellent value for money. In fact, you'll often find they come in at just a fraction of the cost of an upscale villa or condominium, even with a steaming hot tub and fitted bathroom on site.

Yurt interiors and exteriors

The charm of a yurt is both inside and outside. Read on to see what makes both halves of these intriguing vacation rentals so…well, intriguing.

Delve inside a luxury yurt

Fling open the door of a luxury yurt and you could be forgiven for thinking that you'd been transported to the penthouse of a five-star hotel. The distinct circular architecture of these abodes mean they often have oodles of space inside. That leaves corners for the king-sized bed, the winged armchair, the writing desk. Some will even come with their own attached kitchens or wood-fired stoves, not to mention permanent bathrooms clad in marble tiles.

The allure of the outdoors in a yurt

It's the proximity of the great outdoors that usually makes a glamping trip such an amazing experience. Swish yurts really seize upon that with some truly amazing al fresco areas. Some have decks and porches that wrap around their oval exterior, hosting swinging hammocks and cozy benches for loved-up sunset sessions. There are loads with BBQ grills, and even options with hot tubs that bubble under clear night skies.

States with amazing yurts for rent

If you're sold on a luxury yurt but don't know exactly where you want to go, the section below is riddled with wanderlust-inducing ideas. It details various states that could be a real doozy for adventurers eager to live like a Mongolian nomad.

Yurts on old Texan ranches

The vastness of the Lone Star State means this huge cut out of the South covers riverways, deep canyons, and rolling plains. Once the cowboy center of the Wild West, it's also dotted with eco ranches that host their own yurts. Seek out those and you could have a vacation filled with horse riding and stargazing.

California has some amazing luxury yurts

Emerge from your yurt on the shores of Lake Shasta and there are visions of snow-capped summits and sweeping ridges framed by ponderosa pines. Open the door of a pad on the Big Sur and you're rewarded with the rugged rocks of Pfeiffer Beach. Choose a yurt by the Smith River and you can have huge redwood groves and alpine waters on the doorstep. Yep, California's a mecca for yurt getaways.

Tennessee – A yurt in the Smokies

You might only expect to see moss-caked cabins and porch-fronted shacks in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. But yurts also pop up between the groves of basswood and sugar maple. They make a fine escape for families, offering plenty of room to fit in the whole crew close to the aerial tramway of Ober Gatlinburg and the observation point of Clingmans Dome alike.

Yurt camping in Colorado

The state where the Rocky Mountains first crumple the Great Plains and spike through the clouds is a fine one for yurt lovers who want to be on the verge of a real hinterland. Some of the reserves, like the accessible Golden Gate Canyon, are just a hair from Downtown Denver. Others are much more remote, clustering between the snowy ridges of the Bow Mountains on the cusp of Wyoming.

Your yurt in Michigan

Yurts fit in nicely to the rolling countryside of Michigan. Found between cherry orchards, on organic apple farms, and even right by the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, they put all sorts of enticing Midwestern landscapes within reach.