Reasons to choose a villa rental

Nothing says "luxury escape" like a private villa rental. From the sierras of Andalusia in Spain to the surf-washed shores of tropical Bali, the sunny reaches of the Florida Panhandle to the paradise coves of the Aloha State, these sorts of vacation rentals pop up all over the globe. They’re great at catering to families wanting a jaunt away from it all, romantic couples on their honeymoon, and groups of friends searching for hard-earned R&R.

Be drawn to villas in Miami


  • Be drawn to villas in Miami


    Be drawn to villas in Miami

    There are loads of ways a villa in Miami could tempt you this year. For starters, these homes are often just a hair away from the sparkling waters of Biscayne Bay or the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean. They also nestle into buzzy neighborhoods replete with art cafes and Cuban dance bars. And they…

  • Your guide to Cabo villas


    Your guide to Cabo villas

    In a rollicking whirlwind of tequila-doused party nights, Spring Break blowouts, fashion shopping, dolphin watching, beach lazing, and spicy Tex-Mex cuisine, the king of the Baja’s rambunctious vacation scene still knows how to impress. A Cabo villa offers you your own little space between the happening marinas and craggy headlands, for extra comfort, romance, and…

  • Booking your Orlando villa


    Booking your Orlando villa

    Orlando villas have long been a favorite choice of families and couples looking for somewhere comfy to rest between heart-thumping roller-coaster rides around the Big Thunder Mountain, adrenaline-filled whizzes down Blizzard Beach’s slides, and gator-spotting expeditions to the Everglades. This guide can help you find the perfect pad in this fun-loving corner of the Sunshine…

  • Amazing ocean villas right by the sands


    Amazing ocean villas right by the sands

    There’s no question that all those whitewashed Spanish haciendas in the sierras and vineyard-fringed Tuscan farms have their charms. It’s just that there’s something truly special about ocean villas that face the waves, spill onto pristine sands, and pop up amid the dunes. For some travelers, there’s simply nothing better than a beach villa that…

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