Discover that perfect Bali villa

Discover that perfect Bali villa

The fabled Isle of the Gods is far and away Indonesia’s most alluring destination. From its smoking volcanos to its frothing surf-washed shores, it’s a land of the sublime and the awesome. But there’s luxury, too. Bali villas see to that. With unique Indonesian styles, gardens brimming with plumeria, and infinity pools that spill down to gold-flecked sands, they can transform your trip to the tropics into something positively extraordinary.

Amazing places to find your perfect Bali villa

A luxury villa in Bali with big glass doors opening onto a deck area with a pool and traditional statues

From the Bali Sea to the straits that reach across to Java, Bali is an isle that smokes with rumbling volcanos and comes laced with palm-fringed beaches. There are some unforgettable towns and places where Bali villas promise a bucket-list-busting vacation.

Deluxe Bali villas in Seminyak

Sunset cocktails, artisan coffee, designer beachwear – this is the order of the day in sleek Seminyak. It’s no wonder that high-class Bali villas in Seminyak pop up on every corner, between big beach clubs and elegant bistros. Seminyak Beach runs along the front of them, widening to more than 300 feet of sunbed-topped cinnamon sand.

The unique villas of Ubud

Venture away from the hubbub of the south shore, to the mystical town of Ubud, and the landscapes turn to emerald swatches of swaying rice grass and water-buffalo groaning farm fields. Crab-eating macaques inhabit the teak and palm trees overhead, and the streets are awash with art galleries, craft workshops, and eco stores. Villas in Ubud have a unique style of their own, too. Look for them nestled in tropical woods, with infinity pools jutting out from wood-carved exteriors and orchid-filled gardens.

Bali villas for rent in Lovina

Across on the north coast of Bali, the grey-sand beaches are peered over by mighty volcanos, there are fishing boats bobbing in sleepy villages, and dolphins replace hardcore surfers on the waves. This is the place to go for a taste of traditional Indonesia, far from Kuta and the crowds. That means the Bali villas here have a charming, earthy edge, with whittled Hindu totems adorning their walls and hammock-swinging gardens just waiting for honeymooners.

Nusa Dua – where Bali luxury villas abound

Trade in gnarly surf swells and open-air bars for country clubs and manicured golf courses by heading for Nusa Dua. On the eastern edge of the Bukit Peninsula, this is the home of the five-star resorts and their haute cuisine restaurants. Loads of Bali villas here boast beachfront access to some of the more pristine sands, like Geger Beach and reef-ringed Tanjung Benoa.

A Bali villa in happening Canggu

Fair-trade coffee shops, tie-dye fashion outlets, health food stores, vegan cafes – it’s all going down in Canggu. This is Bali’s up-and-coming hipster hub, where quinoa burgers and creative smoothies are all in a morning’s work. The area is also a quieter and more chilled alternative to other resorts along the south coast, with plenty of spacious Bali villas to rent in private grounds and complexes.

The surfers of Uluwatu and beyond

As Bali stretches southwards into the Bukit Peninsula, it transforms into a wonderland of carved cliffs and mighty temples. The piece de resistance of all that is surely the shrine at Uluwatu, an amazing series of pagodas and fire-dancing priests that’s perched precipitously on a rocky promontory. Around it, in Uluwatu Beach and at Bingin, is the home of the pro surfer colonies, which means the area hosts plenty of Bali villas that are only a stone’s throw from rolling barrels and speedy reef breaks.

The very best villas in Bali

A luxury Bali villa with a seating area and pool in the garden

Along with the enchanting Hindu and animist mysticism and traditional Balinese building style that imbues many of the villas in Bali, there are chic rentals on the Isle of the Gods that are sure to leave you feeling like an A-lister.

Stunning Bali villas with a private pool

Bali villas with a private pool really are something to write home about. Look for jungle-shaded splash pads deep in the misty palm forests of Ubud, poking over cascading rice paddies and mystical Hindu shrines as macaques swing this way and that in the vines. Look for them in glitzy Nusa Dua, between sleek cocktail bars. Search for them around Seminyak, with orchid-blooming gardens and shady bowers with hammocks out of the sun.

Find beachfront Bali luxury villas

The whole southwest coast of the island, running from the Ngurah Rai International Airport along buzzing Kuta and its sleepless bars, is a strip of sloping sand and rolling waves. It’s awash with all sorts of beachfront Bali villas, promising to put you just feet from stacks of surfboard rentals and spice-scented warung taverns.

Scoring cheap Bali villas

A luxury Balinese cottage with a swimming pool in a garden

Rupiah is the way to get muscle-soothing massages and surf lessons on the Isle of the Gods. Save plenty for your trip by following the tips below, which can help you reduce the cost of villas in Bali.

Dodge certain months

When the surf’s up and the sun is shining, Bali – Indonesia’s most visited destination – can get super busy. People flock from all around the globe to see the amazing shrines and conquer the roaring surf barrels. Most come between June and August, cranking up rates in Bali villas and rentals. The cost of homes between November and March, meanwhile, can dip, and the weather’s usually still balmy, humid, and hot.

Skip Kuta and the south coast

The most accessible part of Bali is its south coast. It’s home to the biggest selection of rentals, with oodles of Bali villas in Seminyak and Kuta fringing its coffee-hued sands. However, it’s not always got the most wallet-friendly deals. To keep costs low, you might want to consider venturing out to Bukit, Padangbai on the east coast, or lazy Lovina to the north.