Getting great Disney villas

Getting great Disney villas

Prepare to get lost between the spires of Cinderella’s Castle, the rattling mine trains of Big Thunder Mountain, the lion-roaring enclosures of the Animal Kingdom, and the gushing flumes and slides of Blizzard Beach. That’s where Disney villas will put you – at the heart of fun-loving Buena Vista, the most theme park-filled corner of the Theme Park Capital of the World.

Enchanting types of Disney villas

A swimming pool with a bridge at the gardens of Disney's Beach Club Villas in Florida

The adventure doesn’t have to end at park borders if you choose Disney villas. That’s because there are a whole host of rentals here that vow to keep the fantastical and fun-loving features flowing, even after you’ve departed the company of Mickey Mouse and his compadres.

Beach villas in Disney parks

Okay, so you might be just about as far as it’s possible to get from the nearest stretch of sun-splashed Floridian coastline when staying in Orlando. But that doesn’t have to mean dispensing of the sand and bath-warm waves. Make believe coves and lagoons converge on the area known as Stormalong Bay, where villa and condo rentals suited to families spill right onto sunbathing cabanas and swimming pools.

Polynesian villas near Disney World

Transport yourself to a world of shaking hula skirts and carved totem poles, bristling palm trees and swimming lagoons that glow Hawaiian turquoise by opting to bed down in Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort. It’s a place where everything’s modeled on the unique traditions of the Aloha State and Tahiti, with Tiki art and tropical vibes. The Disney villas follow suit, coming hued in pinks and yellows, with thatched roofs and even overwater locations.

The buzz of the BoardWalk

Grab a stay close to the happening Disney BoardWalk to get lost in old-timey arcades and eateries and speakeasies a la Atlantic City circa 1920. The homes in these parts usually come with a shared pool, along with access to taste-bud-tingling diners that serve surf-and-turf, spicy Tex-Mex, Philly cheesesteaks, and more.

What are the villa sizes near Disney?

A villa with a pool, jacuzzi, and seating area in an extended patio near Disney

With pads tailored to couples on a romance mission to Epcot and others primed for huge groups of 10 or more, there’s a great range of different sizes of villas near Disney World. A few examples are listed below…

Two-bedroom villas for small families

One of the most common types of Disney villa come with just two bedrooms. They are perfect for young families eager to have their special moment with Cinderella and Aladdin. There’s usually a primary bedroom for mom and dad, followed by a bunk room or a compact single bedroom for the kids.

Three- or four-bedroom villas with extra space

Larger villas near Disney World are there to cater to bigger families and groups of friends. You’ll find that extra bedrooms herald extra communal space, too. That could mean an oversized kitchen so you can all prepare evening meals together. It might mean a sprawling living room with a flat-screen TV for those Disney movie screenings. And it might even mean a private yard and swimming pool out back.

Compact Disney villas for traveling duos

Whoever said that villas near Disney World were just for the little ones? Loved-up couples are bound to find loads to tug at the heart strings between the chic eats of Restaurant Row and the magical wonderland of Epcot. For them, there are smaller rentals that might be part of a larger complex, along with five-star homes that have access to communal gyms, spa facilities, and outdoor swimming pools.

Some enticing extras that come with Disney villas

A family villa with an outdoor pool and jacuzzi near Disney World in Orlando

The fairy-tale draws, make-believe beaches, and family portions aren’t the only reason that villas near Disney World are such a winner for jaunts to the Sunshine State. There are other extras that give them the edge over other accommodation types in the vicinity of the theme parks…

Walk-to-park access

You could easily be the first person screaming through the Twilight Zone Tower or rumbling over the ice caps of Expedition Everest in the morning if you choose a Disney villa. That’s because these homes tend to be the closest of any rental to the theme parks themselves. Some even have walking access to the slides, rides, and attractions.

Free shuttle buses

If you do happen to be a little further away from the Magic Kingdom than you’d like, how about opting for a Disney villa that comes with free shuttle bus links? They are usually placed up and down International Drive or Universal Boulevard, where regular trolleys run loops around the top theme parks and eating districts.

Shared facilities aplenty

Don’t be surprised to find that your chosen villa near Disney has a whole load of orders on the side. Swimming pools are everywhere in these parts, whether that means a private splash pool in a covered patio or a shared pool with corkscrewing slides to entertain the kids. Game rooms are also common, while gym facilities and spa treatments might also be part of the package.