Orlando villas have long been a favorite choice of families and couples looking for somewhere comfy to rest between heart-thumping roller-coaster rides around the Big Thunder Mountain, adrenaline-filled whizzes down Blizzard Beach's slides, and gator-spotting expeditions to the Everglades. This guide can help you find the perfect pad in this fun-loving corner of the Sunshine State, with tips and hints for booking, and insight on what to expect from your Floridian home away from home.

Fantastic features in Orlando villas

So, what is it that sets Orlando villas apart from the crowd? Read on for a few reasons why these spacious family homes are such a chart-topper when it comes to fun-filled jaunts down south…

Villas in Orlando with three or more bedrooms

Villas in Orlando won't have you cramming in the crew. There are plenty of options with three, four, five, or even more bedrooms. That means there should be enough space to house all the kids and then some, so folk can get a good night's sleep before their dreams of Mickey Mouse and friends come true.

Deluxe Orlando villas

There's certainly no shortage of five-star villas in Orlando. They are the spots that promise the height of comfort when you return from Cinderella's Castle. Swimming pools are, of course, the norm. They could be sprawling, with corkscrewing slides to keep the kids busy. Or, they might be small and secluded in your own yard. On top of that comes designer interiors and large living spaces with flat-screen TVs and billiard tables.

Orlando villas near the theme parks

It's hardly a secret that most people opt for an Orlando vacation because of the spellbinding draws of Universal and Disney. Thankfully, there are villa rentals that can put you right on the doorstep of those bucket-list-busting attractions, not to mention some with Tiki themes or magical twists of their own that actually sit within the Lake Buena Vista resort area itself.

Great areas to snag your Orlando villa

Not familiar with the layout of Orlando? Don't worry. This guide to some of the town's most sought-after vacationing areas can help…

Lake Buena Vista –be close to the theme parks

Lake Buena Vista is the zip code of Walt Disney World. It's the place to be for dining down Restaurant Row, meeting Aladdin and the Genie, and wondering at the thought-provoking exhibits of Epcot. You might find that Orlando villas here are in the highest demand of all, although there are 1000s to go around.

Kissimmee can't be overlooked

Not only is Kissimmee a mere 30 minutes down the highway from the rattling carriages of Expedition Everest and the speed frenzy of Summit Plummet in Blizzard Beach, but it's also a charming historical center that's steeped in tales of Florida's orange-growing legacy. What's more, Orlando villas here tend to be cheaper and a tad more spacious than their compadres over in Lake Buena Vista.

Winter Park for something chic

Thanks to all the world-class theme park rides and splashing slides of southern Orlando, the north side of the city rarely gets a look. Only that's not entirely true, thanks a bunch to the happening Park Avenue shopping street of Winter Park, and all the intriguing art museums and antique emporiums that come with it. Orlando villas near the town tend to be luxury affairs in quiet neighborhoods, with loads touting big yards and BBQ grills.

How to score cheap Orlando villa rentals

Save as many dollars as possible for the cotton candy and park tickets by following the handy hints below. They aim to knock off chunks from the cost of your Floridian stay, by dodging the bustling seasons, beating the crowds, and booking early…

Think about the fall

There's no denying that the weather in Orlando is darn fine in the winter months, when it's dry, warm, and breezy. There's also no denying that the theme parks are abuzz with life during the summer, when people flock from all over the world to ride the coasters. However, the cheapest time of year usually comes with fall, when you might get some tropical storms but rates and visitor numbers dip to an annual low.

Be sure to book early

If you're determined to hit the Theme Park Capital of the World when the temperatures are balmy and there's no rain, or during popular vacation periods around summer and Christmas, it certainly pays to be prepared. Booking early can give you a head start over other travelers, meaning you'll have the pick of the best-priced Orlando villas.

Consider staying in Kissimmee and beyond

While it's tempting to want to be right next door to the rides of the Magic Kingdom and the roaring enclosures of Animal Kingdom, there's also a lot to be said for other quarters of Orlando. To the north is stylish Winter Park, where shopping and eco cafés await. Even better for the budget might be Kissimmee, which has family homes near charming historic districts and lakes.