Book your Wailea beach villas

Book your Wailea beach villas

Think Wailea, think beaches. With a series of jaw-dropping sand stretches fringing the whole east shore of paradisiacal Maui, it’s no wonder that this region of the Aloha State has become known for vacations filled with snorkeling, swimming, and sunbathing. Wailea beach villas can get you close to the wave-lapped coastline that runs south from Kihei, with bedrooms set to the rhythm of the ocean and the sway of the palm trees.

An area guide for booking Wailea beach villas

A villa terrace with dining area overlooking the ocean and palm trees in Keawakapu Beach

Get a feel for the various corners of Wailea and judge where you’d most like to snag that perfect Wailea beach villa by reading the pointers below. They range from the glinting arc of forest-backed Makena to the vibrant walking paths that fringe Wailea Beach in the heart of the resort area.

Be wowed by Makena State Park

Makena State Park is quintessential Maui. Sugar-soft sands tinted with hues of gold and white slope softly into an aquamarine Pacific Ocean here. The reserve is often touted as the jewel in the crown of the Wailea shore, which means villas anywhere near it are always in high demand.

Keawakapu Beach

Keawakapu Beach is the northernmost part of Wailea. That means it’s the easiest to access from the airport at Kahului, and it tends to be the cheapest destination of the bunch. It’s still a veritable island wonderland, though. The trio of coves at Kamaole is a haven for budding surfers looking to find their water feet. And there are rows of buzzing surf-and-turf grills and pina colada bars to discover.

Be pampered in Wailea Beach

The area around the Wailea Beach Path is the beating pulse of the Maui east coast. Thanks to the clear waters and desert-island sands that fringe its edge, this district has become the chosen home of some of Hawaii’s sleekest resorts. There are Wailea beach villas nestled into the group, often touting infinity swimming pools and groves of blooming hibiscus flowers between them and the Pacific.

Shapes, sizes, and styles of Wailea villas

A large villa terrace with sunbeds overlooking the ocean in Wailea

Whether you want something simple and splashed by Maui’s frothing surf or are looking for real R&R in a deluxe Wailea villa complex, there should be something to fit in this much-vaunted quarter of the Aloha State.

Wailea beach villas in resorts

Loads of the beach villas in Wailea are a part of a greater group of similar rentals. Grouped into resorts, they often have the best locations of all – think front-row seats overlooking the yellow-tinted powder of Wailea Beach itself. And they can boast enticing communal facilities, like shared pools, spas, water-sports outfitters – the list goes on.

Luxurious Wailea villas

Wailea isn’t known for its sleek resorts for nothing. All along this paradisiacal stretch of the Maui shore are five-star hotels and glitzy home rentals. For luxury lovers they can check plenty of boxes. An infinity pool right by the white-capping waves of the Pacific? Check. A hibiscus-scented garden with massage beds? Check. A balcony with sweeping views of the ocean? Check.

Wailea villas near the golf courses

Coming with the clubs in tow? Wailea beach villas are sure to be a doozy. Loads of them have the sands on one side and the manicured fairways of some of Maui’s very best courses on the other. That means soaking up the rays come morning and hole in ones come afternoon.

Scoring cheap Wailea villas

A Hawaiian villa with balcony, garden, and outdoor seating area

If you’re watching the budget, there are ways you can whittle down the cost of a Wailea beach villa. That might mean straying further from the shore or coming at less-popular times of the year, but it should leave extra dollars for sunset mojitos and mahi mahi plates.

Consider moving away from the sands

Wailea beach villas might be the crème-de-la-crème of the rentals in these parts, but it’s worth bearing in mind that they aren’t the only options. You can often save oodles by moving even a few blocks back from the sand, where you could also find the homes are larger and in quieter pockets of palm forest.

Skip winter and summer

Snowbirds are drawn to the whole Hawaiian chain when the chilly months of December and January are in full swing. Others will come when the summer vacations kick in, searching for family R&R by the beach parks. If you’re seeking the best bargains, it might be worth holding out for the deals of spring and fall, which tend to be cheaper overall.

Book as early as you can

Wailea beach villas must just be among the most coveted in all of Maui. And that’s saying something. To ensure you get the pick of the best-priced homes, it’s always worth booking well in advance, before all the wallet-friendly rentals with Pacific views have sold out.