Top regions for apartments in the Gulf Shores

  • Alabama Gulf Coast: Gulf Shores is a city that's located along the Alabama Gulf Coast. You can find apartments up and down the coast which will provide you a wealth of exciting vacation experiences. An apartment here places you within just a few steps of 32 miles of soft, white-sand beaches and waterfront views. You can take the family or a special someone to ride a towering Ferris wheel, go charter fishing, or adopt a nest of sea turtles. Apartments along the Gulf Shores in Alabama are the gateway to a world of adventure and excitement.
  • Morgantown, Fort Morgan, Alabama: Morgantown is a friendly and quiet residential community only about 35 minutes from Gulf Shores. Apartments in Morgantown for rent offer fast and easy access to all of the attractions the region has to offer. Just a short jaunt from a rental apartment you can visit a wildlife refuge and nature trails, nearby white-sand beaches, head to the Gulf Coast Zoo with animal feedings, the Waterville USA water park, or visit a traditional amusement park with roller coasters, rides, and games. After your day of fun, you can relax in peaceful and private surroundings.

Best Gulf Shores condos with beachfront access

One of the primary reasons to visit the Gulf Shores is for the miles of gorgeous, pristine beaches. Those who want to spend their days partying or relaxing on the white sand will find apartments just steps from the beach. Every day you can sip your coffee, then head right out the door and be on the sand, enjoying the sun and deep blue waters. Beachfront apartments along the Gulf Shores allow you to go snorkeling or scuba diving, take charter fishing trips, go surfing, or enjoy a relaxing swim in a secluded cove. Gulf Shores offers 8 public beaches to enjoy, located at Lagoon Pass, Gulf Place West, and Each Beast, and beaches with public access along West 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 12th, and 13th streets. There are options for beachfront apartments near just about every beach, from affordable to luxurious, with full kitchens, outdoor barbecue facilities, and much more.


Top luxury Gulf shores condos and apartments

If you're looking for luxury condos and apartments in and around Gulf Shores, there are many options. Here you can find high-end accommodations with tons of space where you can relax and stretch out, supported in the latest updated furnishings. Full kitchen facilities with all the amenities offer the ability to prepare gourmet meals, while features like spas and gym areas let you stay healthy and relaxed. Many luxury condos offer widescreen televisions, streaming services, and internet access, so there's always something to do when you're not sunning on the local beach.


Best cheap apartments in the Gulf Shores

There's so much to do along the Gulf Shores that many people will seek budget-friendly accommodation to save a few dollars, allowing them to spend more on the many exciting attractions in the area, from water parks to theme parks to animal refuges. There are also inexpensive attractions just a short journey from your Gulf Shores apartments for rent, including the Fort Morgan Historic Site, where the walls of a genuine Civil War fort still stand, surrounded by picnic areas, green space, fishing opportunities, and local beaches where you can sunbathe and swim. With the money you save, you can take the kids to The Track or Adventure Island, two attractions that draw vacationers from all over including go-karts, a carousel, arcades, and other family fun.