Recent reviews of Santa Cruz beach rentals

Top regions for Santa Cruz beach rentals

  • Opal Cliffs: Opal Cliffs is a spectacular beachfront location for Santa Cruz beach rentals. You’ll not only have the gorgeous beaches for sunbathing and swimming, but Opal Cliffs is close to many of Santa Cruz’s best attractions. You could visit the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to experience seaside shops and eateries, or you can spend time in the outdoors in Seacliff State Beach. You might enjoy the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, a vast parkland that’s perfect for wilderness hikes, biking, fishing, and other outdoor recreation. However you want to spend your time, a beach house in Opal Cliffs gives you a lovely beachfront area with access to all the fun of the city.
  • Twin Lakes: Twin Lakes is one of the best beach areas for Santa Cruz beach house rentals. The quiet area has a mile of pristine beach on the coast off the harbor, as well as the Seabright State Beach and Schwan Lake. You'll have your choice between the ocean and the lake for all types of water activities, including kayaking, surfing, fishing, waterskiing, and paddleboarding. If you want to have fun in Santa Cruz but escape the crowds to a serene area for peace and quiet, a Santa Cruz beach house in Twin Lakes is the best choice for your beach trip.
  • Seabright: Seabright is a popular spot for Santa Cruz beach rentals. Located near the main beach in Santa Cruz, Seabright is within the Twin Lakes State Beach and offers a serene stretch of sand on the harbor and San Lorenzo River. From Seabright, you can spend time on the beach and explore the waters near the Santa Cruz Main Beach, walk the coastal trail, or take in the views of the Walton Lighthouse and the Santa Cruz Boardwalk Amusement Park. If you’re looking for excitement, Santa Cruz is just a short ride for nightlife, dining, and sightseeing in the city.

Relax with Santa Cruz beach cabins

If you’re planning to spend as much time as possible by the water, Santa Cruz beach cabins are the way to go. Santa Cruz beach cabins put you within steps of the sand, so you can head out early and get a good spot before the crowd rolls in or beat the other surfers to the good breaks. Having the beach so close is also nice for romantic evenings watching the spectacular sunset over the water with your toes in the sand. Beach cabins can be found right on the beach or within walking distance, so you can stay close to the attractions that matter most.

Find cheap Santa Cruz beach rentals

If you’re planning a budget-friendly vacation, Santa Cruz offers an array of things to see and do for free or low cost. You’ll have numerous beaches to choose from, as well as parks and natural areas for all types of land and water adventures. You could also spend time exploring the boardwalk and seeing points of interest in the area, such as the Walton Lighthouse. Plenty of cheap Santa Cruz beach rentals are available to help you make the most of your time, all including practical amenities like a full kitchen to prepare meals and multiple bedrooms to keep everyone comfortable and happy. When you save on accommodation and dining, you’ll have some space in your budget to splurge on a night out or fine dinner.

Relax by the water with a Santa Cruz beach house

Santa Cruz offers an abundance of beaches in the ocean, the harbor, and the area’s lakes, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for surfing and other watersports or you need a calm, quiet beach for the kids to swim and play, you’ll find it in Santa Cruz. Plenty of Santa Cruz beach house rentals are available within steps of the sand, so you can get out onto the beach early and beat the crowds and afternoon heat. Best of all, you’re close to your rental and your own kitchen and bathroom, so you don’t have to venture far away from the water and miss out on beach time.

Explore Santa Cruz beach rentals with a pool

Santa Cruz is blessed with California’s nearly year-round sunshine and warmth, perfect for a beach rental with a pool. You can find Santa Cruz beach cottages and Santa Cruz beach house rentals that offer a private pool, so you’ll have your own space to swim and sunbathe. Pools are perfect for a romantic evening with your loved one on a couple’s retreat or to cool off on a solo vacation away from the crowds. If you have the kids, a pool is an enclosed, safe area for them to swim and play while you relax and enjoy some adult time.