Best destinations for a B&B in Asheville

  • Kenilworth: When you're looking for a B&B in Asheville, consider finding something in Kenilworth. This residential area of Asheville makes you feel like a resident as you'll find yourself surrounded by the city's signature 1920s architecture with craftsman bungalows and Tudor Revival homes throughout its streets. Additionally, you'll find the Asheville Mall here, a prominent shopping center that offers virtually anything you'll ever need. You'll find big chains that you would expect, of course, but this mall also hosts local artisans and craftsmen offering handmade goods and items you won't be able to find anywhere else.
  • Historic Montford: In the Historic Montford district, you can step back in time with more than 600 historic buildings in the area that are authentic enough to be a part of the National Register for Historic Places. This district in Asheville showcases the best that the late 19th century and early 20th century had to offer, and you can explore it all with a simple stroll or driving tour of the region. Additionally, you'll find numerous events held here throughout the year including a music and arts festival that celebrates local artists in this bustling cultural scene.
  • Downtown: If you're looking to enjoy the best that the city has to offer with your B&B just steps away from the action, booking a place downtown is your best bet. Not only will you find the historical landmarks the city is famous for, but there are plenty of modern attractions including chic bistros and shops for a fun day out. There are numerous bars and pubs downtown that let you extend your socializing well into the night. Keep in mind that B&Bs in this area of Asheville tend to be a bit more costly since you're in such a convenient location.

Find the perfect Asheville B&B

Booking a bed and breakfast is one of the best ways to experience Asheville as a whole. Being one of the most prominent cities in the American South, Asheville has a reputation to uphold. They take their southern hospitality very seriously, so local B&Bs may go to lengths that similar accommodations elsewhere may not be willing to. That means you can always count on exceptional service that's only complemented further by the general hospitality of the city itself. Asheville is known for its plethora of local businesses and residents being welcoming and accepting to travellers. Plus, having breakfast prepared every morning by the B&B staff might just be your new favorite vacation perk!

Explore a luxury B&B in Asheville

If you're looking to go all out on your vacation, booking a luxury B&B in Asheville will offer unrivaled comfort and ensure an unforgettable experience. These high-end establishments come packed full of exciting amenities like a full kitchen, and potentially even features like a hot tub. Some of the local B&Bs even offer private pools that let you relax and refresh to ensure you're ready for the next day's adventure. Luxury B&Bs can also be pretty spacious, so you don't have to hesitate to take the whole family along for the trip. Just keep in mind that you may have a harder time finding a pet-friendly B&B if you want a luxury space.

Discover a cheap Asheville B&B

For travelers looking to save money on their accommodation, B&Bs are still a great option. Many of the B&Bs in this area are more affordable while still offering some of the great amenities you've come to know and love. Just remember that these cheaper accommodation options aren't typically all that spacious. There's plenty of room if you're traveling alone or with your partner, but bringing the whole family typically requires opting for one of the more luxurious options. That being the case, however, they're perfect as romantic retreats, which is one of the primary reasons people travel to Asheville in the first place.