Recent reviews of Santa Cruz cabin rentals

Top regions for cabins near Santa Cruz

  • Opal Cliffs: Opal Cliffs is a lovely destination for Santa Cruz cabins. Located on the central California coast, Opal Cliffs cabins give you a quiet place for retreat while also keeping you close enough to the attractions of the city. Within Santa Cruz, you’ll find several eateries and shops, a long wharf with amusements, surf shops, and seafood stands, and the beautiful views of Monterey Bay. One of the top spots in the city is the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, which offers vintage rides and carnival games near the water. If you prefer more adult pleasures, Pacific Avenue is home to all the luxurious shops in the area, vintage clothing stores, and gorgeous art galleries.
  • Eastside Santa Cruz: Eastside Santa Cruz is another prime spot for Santa Cruz cabins. The neighborhood is close to the best beaches in the city, including Santa Cruz Beach, Lighthouse Field State Beach, and Natural Bridges State Beach, which is home to a unique natural rock formation. Many of Santa Cruz’s beaches are known for their surf breaks, and the rich surf culture in the area is showcased in the Santa Cruz Surfing Museum. If you want to catch the waves, you can head out to Steamer Lane, an iconic surf spot near the museum. With a cabin in Eastside Santa Cruz, you’ll also have access to the shopping, dining, and amusements in the city, including the boardwalk, the wharf, and the amusement park.

Relax with Santa Cruz beach cabins

If you’re planning to spend as much time as possible by the water, Santa Cruz beach cabins are the way to go. Santa Cruz beach cabins put you within steps of the sand, so you can head out early and get a good spot before the crowd rolls in or beat the other surfers to the good breaks. Having the beach so close is also nice for romantic evenings watching the spectacular sunset over the water with your toes in the sand. Beach cabins can be found right on the beach or within walking distance, so you can stay close to the attractions that matter most.

Discover luxury Santa Cruz cabins

With its premier golf courses, high-end shopping, and excellent dining and nightlife in a pristine beach location, Santa Cruz is ideal for a decadent vacation. You can find luxury Santa Cruz cabins that give you extra pampering and comfort with amenities like quality furniture, plush bedding, beach access and ocean views, a private pool or hot tub, and modern appliances. Cabins in resort areas also offer community amenities such as a communal pool, kiddie splash areas, a fitness center, a spa, on-site dining and bars, concierge services, shuttles, and more, so you can have everything you need in one place. When you return, you’re sure to feel completely recharged.

Find cheap Santa Cruz cabins

With so many free or inexpensive things to see and do, Santa Cruz is perfect for a cheap beach trip. You can spend time in the sun on the beautiful area beaches, take the kids to the boardwalk to play games and ride retro rides, or explore the parklands, all on the cheap. Plenty of Santa Cruz cabins are available to help you stretch your budget even further, all with a variety of comforts and conveniences. Cabins are available with multiple bedrooms, in-house electronics and entertainment, outdoor play areas, bunk beds, and toys or games, so you could spend more time inside enjoying quality bonding together. When you stretch your budget on accommodation and dining, you’ll have some freedom to splurge on nice dinners in beachfront restaurants, a night out in fabulous nightclubs, luxury shopping in the city, watersport adventures like surf lessons, or golf trips to championship courses.