Recent reviews of Big Bear Lake cabin rentals

Best destinations for Big Bear cabins

  • Upper Moonridge: If you're looking for a winter adventure during your vacation to Big Bear Lake, Upper Moonridge may be the best destination. The area receives above-average snowfall and is located conveniently next to an expansive ski resort where you can hit the slopes. If you're looking to visit during the summer, the national forest and mountains have extensive walking and biking paths that outdoor adventurers can enjoy. Big Bear cabins themselves are notably luxurious as well, with amenities like full kitchens and Wi-Fi virtually guaranteed alongside spacious rooms with enough bedding for the whole family.
  • Boulder Bay: When you book your Big Bear cabin rental near Boulder Bay, you can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities suitable for the whole family. You'll find walking paths no matter what time of year you visit, as well as picnicking areas outside of the winter months. There are numerous bodies of water to venture through as well, whether in a canoe or a kayak. Should you decide to travel in the winter, the sledding opportunities are extensive and kid-friendly.
  • Fox Farm: On the south shore of Big Bear Lake, you'll find the Fox Farm region. It's notably quiet and peaceful compared with a lot of other areas nearby. If you're looking for some solitude and isolation during your vacation, this is the best place to book Big Bear cabin rentals. Despite the area's isolated nature, you'll still have fairly convenient access to stores, restaurants, and services. Plus, outdoor adventurers can enjoy the nearby skiing and hiking opportunities, as Fox Farm is still close to the mountains. You'll find a diverse selection of cabin options here, so you can find something suitable whether you're looking for luxury or affordability.

Big Bear luxury cabins

For travelers who want a more luxurious experience, there are numerous Big Bear luxury cabins available that can take your vacation to the next level. These cabins can be massive and feature incredible amenities such as theaters, fireplaces, and even hot tubs. Of course, luxury cabins are going to be outfitted with Wi-Fi and streaming services as well, so you'll always be entertained between your Big Bear Lake adventures. In addition to these features, these cabins can provide a nature-oriented experience thanks to their premier locations in the preserved nature areas.


Cheap Big Bear cabins

If you're looking for cheap Big Bear cabins, you won't have to look far. You'll find affordable accommodation options all over the area that still offer some of the best amenities available. Affordable cabins still tend to have central heating and cooling, so the mountain air won't impact your comfort no matter what time of year you travel. Additionally, the more affordable options are still in prime locations, making it convenient to explore the surrounding walking paths and biking trails. These cabins can be notably spacious as well, so you don't have to hesitate to bring the whole family along for the trip.


Big Bear cabins that are pet friendly

Given that the natural landscape is the primary factor driving travelers to Big Bear Lake, it's only fitting that your pet-friendly accommodation accounts for that. Nothing lets you enjoy an outdoorsy experience quite like a cabin rental, and Big Bear cabins that are pet friendly are available in excess. You can find these cabins next to ski resorts, the lake itself, or in more obscure locations if you're looking for some privacy on your trip. In fact, the more isolated the cabin is, the more affordable it tends to be compared to the rentals that are just steps away from the ski slopes.

Find Big Bear lakefront cabins

If you want tranquility and a touch of luxury on your trip, Big Bear lakefront cabins are the best way to experience the rustic, laid-back alpine environment. You can choose from many different lakefront cabins, ranging from large cabins with luxury amenities to well-appointed and cozy options for smaller groups. With a lakefront cabin, you’ll have spectacular sunrise and sunset views over the water and beach access, so you can head out early and beat the crowds. You can stay right on the lake or opt for a lake cabin that's tucked into the woods for a little more privacy. Along the banks of the lake, you can find dining, bars, lodges, and attractions for the whole family.

Discover Big Bear luxury cabin rentals

If you want the rustic experience of the lake and mountains, Big Bear has an array of luxury cabins to choose from. You can book luxury cabins in the forest for the serenity of nature, on the lakefront for water sports and stunning lake views, or anywhere in between. Cabins also come in a wide variety of options, from small and cozy to sprawling and decadent, all with a range of exciting luxury amenities like upscale decor, modern appliances, decks, outdoor entertainment areas, and more. You can even book cabins in resort communities, giving you access to resort amenities like organized outdoor activities, equipment rentals, lake access, on-site dining, and more.

Big Bear Lake cabins with a Jacuzzi

When you book a Big Bear Lake cabin, relaxation is likely one of your primary goals and is one of the most important aspects of any vacation. Fortunately, there's one amenity available with a few cabin options that can take your relaxation to the next level. When you book a cabin with a Jacuzzi, you can enjoy luxuriating in the warm waters within your cozy cabin accommodation, and you can stay nice and toasty even when traveling during the winter. Summer travelers can enjoy the benefits as well, as the jets are relaxing all year long.