Recent reviews of Adirondack Region cabin rentals

Top areas for Adirondack cabin rentals

  • Warrensburg: Warrensburg is located approximately 5 miles west of Lake George along the Hudson River. The town maintains an old-fashioned charm with Victorian homes and antique shops spread throughout the area. You can stop by the Warren County Fish Hatchery to see newborn trout and Atlantic salmon thrive in their ponds. You can climb to the summit of Hackensack Mountain and enjoy the breathtaking view of Warrensburg and the nearby rivers. The mountain also attracts cross-country skiers in the winter. Most Adirondack Mountains cabins come with both a fireplace and a heater to keep you warm during chilly nights.
  • Lake George: This town shares the name with the adjacent lake and remains a prime destination for visitors who want to swim or sail a boat during their vacation. At the Fort William Henry Museum, you can view artifacts from the French and Indian War and hear the cannons roar during a demonstration. Many visitors like Million Dollar Beach, where they can launch their canoes, play an exhilarating game of volleyball, and eat lunch at the picnic tables. When you book your Adirondack lake cabin rental, you can sit in the front porch rocking chair and watch the ducks swim by.
  • Plattsburgh: This city lies in the northern Adirondack Mountains along the western shore of Lake Champlain. Plattsburgh serves as the Adirondacks' business and cultural hub, yet it still maintains the area's natural beauty with its parks and rural landscapes. You can fish for bass, bike the nature trails, and watch your children run around the playground at Point Au Roche State Park. You'll applaud the talented concert and theater performers at the Strand Center for the Arts. While Adirondack cabin rentals may look rustic on the outside, the interiors typically feature modern furniture, granite kitchen countertops, and vaulted ceilings.

Enjoy the perks of an Adirondack luxury cabin

Some travelers like to go all out when they're on vacation. If you're willing to spend the money, you can receive bonuses such as an optional housekeeper or a bedroom balcony where you can admire the view of the nearby lakes and mountains. Many high-end Adirondack cabins are located in a secluded area, so guests can enjoy the quiet surroundings and privacy. Some lakefront properties include a private beach and boat ramp for guests to use. For a richly rewarding experience, you can visit the local vineyards, including the Adirondack Winery and Ledge Rock Hill Winery & Vineyard, to sample a premium glass of chardonnay.


Choose a cheap Adirondack cabin rental

If you're planning on a vacation in the mountains, you should know that your trip doesn't need to be too expensive. You'll find numerous cheap Adirondack cabins with all the essential amenities required to make your stay there as pleasant as possible. You can use the washer and dryer to keep your clothes clean. Most lodgings come with a TV, DVD player, and a collection of movies to entertain guests, and several cabins include toys for children to play with. If you like shopping, you might head to The Outlets at Lake George, where you can buy clothes at bargain prices.


Feel enchanted in an Adirondack cabin rental hot tub

Hot tubs are a popular cabin amenity, as many travelers like to unwind and forget about their hectic lives while on vacation. With the warm water relaxing your body and clearing your pores, you'll feel more revitalized. A hot tub's whirlpool motion helps massage tight or sore muscles. After relaxing in the tub, you can lie down on a plush, queen-sized bed for a sound sleep. While many Adirondack Mountains cabins feature an outdoor hot tub, some rentals include an indoor tub to give guests more privacy and allow them to use it in the winter months.