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Boasting 300 miles of shoreline, Door County is an ideal location for cabin rentals in Wisconsin. The area combines scenery and outdoor adventures with sophisticated small-town experiences and fascinating historic sites. You could spend your time visiting a historic lighthouse, lounging on the beach, strolling through waterfront villages, or exploring lavender fields, so there's truly something for everyone.


Best Door County cabin rentals

  • Ellison Bay: Door County may be relatively close to the city of Green Bay, but booking Door County cabins in Ellison Bay means getting away from all the noise of the city and embracing the natural world. Ellison Bay is popular with artists and writers, thanks to the serene surroundings and calming atmosphere. All of the attractions in the area aren’t nature-based, as you'll find numerous shops and art galleries throughout the region. In addition, you’ll have access to classic diners and restaurants offering custom cocktails and other local cuisines.
  • Sister Bay: If you love food, Sister Bay is the place to be. This village is one of the most popular destinations for foodies in the entire county. Located in the northern portion of the county, Sister Bay is the premier destination for al fresco dining or dining in the open air. The reason it's so popular is because Sister Bay features an outdoor environment similar to the rest of Door County. That is, you'll find vibrant greenery and calming waters on the shore that you can enjoy, while tasting some truly unique gastronomy.
  • Baileys Harbor: While just about anywhere in Door County is perfect for picturesque cabin rentals, Bailey's Harbor may just be the most in touch with its natural surroundings. This is largely because of the Ridges Sanctuary, a wilderness sanctuary in the region that's well protected. Additionally, you'll find Door County cabins by the beach, and by the community's shops, restaurants, and breweries. These cabins come in all shapes and sizes, so you'll find luxury and budget options alike.

Door County luxury cabins

No trip to Door County is quite like ones in which you stay in a luxury cabin. Door County luxury cabins are state-of-the-art. Given the popularity of the region with travelers, local cabin rentals have stepped up their game. Many offer numerous high-end amenities that the whole family can enjoy, including hot tubs, movie libraries and private yards. Given the sheer size of some of these cabins, you'll need to bring the whole family along just to fill every bedroom at night. Additionally, these are the cabins that are typically going to be located right along the shore for easy access to nature.

Cheap Door County cabin rentals

When you opt for one of the cheap Door County cabin rentals, you can enjoy more money in your budget to explore the numerous attractions of the region. If you want to try a new restaurant every day you're here, it can be helpful to save money on your accommodations. Instead, you can spend those savings on trying the local restaurants and unique foods! It's important to remember, however, that cheap cabin rentals still have a lot to offer. You'll likely find an inexpensive rental with modern amenities and a surprisingly large amount of space, making it a great selection for a family trip or group entertaining.

Cabin rentals in Door County with a hot tub

Both Green Bay and Lake Michigan have a lot to offer, and you can enjoy easy access to both when you book one of the cabin rentals in Door County. Even so, it can be nice to have your own bit of water to relax in during your vacation. That's why you should consider booking a cabin with its own hot tub. Having a private hot tub to yourself means you can go for a rejuvenating soak whenever you like, even if it's the middle of the night. Plus, you never have to worry about any other people crowding the area, as the hot tub would be exclusively available to you and whichever family and friends you brought along.