Recent reviews of Wisconsin Dells cabin rentals

Enjoy family fun with a Wisconsin Dells cabin rental

If you're looking for a family trip, cabins in Wisconsin Dells have all you need. The community boasts the largest concentration of water parks in the world, both indoors and outdoors, and kids will love the scenic train rides through the countryside. Outdoor activities are a big attraction in the area, especially during the fall when the forest is covered with vibrant foliage.


Top locations for Wisconsin Dells cabins

  • Wisconsin: Cabins in Wisconsin near the Dells give you the best the state has to offer. With coastlines on two of the Great Lakes and acres of forests and farms, Wisconsin offers a quiet retreat for families and couples. Wisconsin Dells is known as the "Waterpark Capital of the World" and boasts a large concentration of indoor and outdoor water parks for the kids, as well as dining and nightlife for adults.
  • Portage: Cabins near Wisconsin Dells in Portage are ideal for history and culture enthusiasts. From the local museum honoring Wisconsin native and Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Zona Gale to tours of the Historic Indian Agency House and the Fort Winnebago Surgeons Quarters, there's something for everyone in this charming city.
  • Mauston: Wisconsin Dells cabins on the river near the city of Mauston are perfect for nature lovers. You can enjoy kayaking, boating, and fishing in nearby lakes and streams, or take part in invigorating trail rides at the local ranches. For travelers interested in a more urban experience, Riverside Park in the downtown area has a trendy Riverwalk that lines the water and showcases the city's restaurants and shops.
  • Baraboo: The historic small town of Baraboo is a great spot for cabins near Wisconsin Dells. Famed as the hometown of the Ringling Bros. and home to the Circus World Museum, Baraboo offers plenty of family-friendly activities for kids of all ages. You could also visit the International Crane Foundation, a facility that showcases 15 crane species, or explore haunted areas with ghost tours.

Relax in nature with lakefront Wisconsin Dells cabins

The area lakes are among the biggest draws of Wisconsin Dells. With lakefront Wisconsin Dells cabins, you can start your day in the water with boating, kayaking, swimming, or other water activities. You'll also enjoy commanding views of the sunrise or sunset over the water, as well as the vibrant woodland scenery. For a different experience, a cabin on the river lets you enjoy the tranquil, flowing water while still being close to all the attractions of the area.


Indulge with luxury Wisconsin Dells cabin rentals

Luxury Wisconsin Dells cabin rentals put you in the heart of the landscape to experience the natural beauty of the area. You can find cabins tucked away in the woods or by the lake, giving you plenty of options for how to enjoy your time. Luxury cabins come with decadent features like magnificent furnishings, private hot tubs, outdoor entertainment areas, fireplaces, and more that let you relax in the lap of luxury.


Save with cheap Wisconsin Dells cabins

If you're looking for an affordable vacation experience with the whole family, you'll be happy to know that Wisconsin Dells has an array of free or inexpensive activities for all ages. You can also find cheap Wisconsin Dells cabins that offer high-end comfort and amenities to help you make the most of your trip. Best of all, cheap cabins have full kitchens with appliances, so you can shop at local markets and prepare your own meals in your rental to save even more.


Rejuvenate with Wisconsin Dells cabins with a hot tub

No matter the season, Wisconsin Dells cabins with a hot tub offer a touch of luxury on your vacation. Hot tubs are a great way to start your day with an invigorating soak or enjoy a quiet night in the water under the stars. Perfect for romance, a hot tub in fall and winter lets you take advantage of the stunning scenery of Wisconsin's wilderness.