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Best places for Daytona Beach apartments

  • Wyndham Ocean Walk: The ultimate Daytona Beach experience can be enjoyed at Wyndham Ocean Walk. Located right along the beach, many of the apartments and condos in the area offer stunning views of the coast that stretch out for miles into the Atlantic Ocean. Given Wyndham Ocean Walk's proximity to the beach, it's also easy to access the shore yourself. Book your stay in this area, and the water will never be more than a few steps away. The boardwalk is also nearby, so you can enjoy a variety of attractions from shops to arcades and restaurants.
  • Ocean View Halifax Estates: Further south along the Daytona Beach shore, you'll find the Ocean View Halifax Estates. This region is notably quieter than the area by the boardwalk, but you'll find no shortage of things to do. The beach bordering the Atlantic is well-maintained, and some of the local apartments and condos offer direct access. Of course, you can venture out into the waters yourself on the other side of the island by the Halifax River. In fact, the island is notably narrow in this region, so you can enjoy the ocean and the river in equal measure, with some rentals being located right in the center.
  • Dimucci Twin Towers: Just north of the Halifax Estates, you'll find the Dimucci Twin Towers. These tall structures are filled with luxury apartments to rent that feature scenic views of the Atlantic and the rest of Daytona Beach. While the beach is just steps away, you can also visit the well-maintained Fornari Park just a short walk to the north. Restaurants and cafés are nearby as well, just across S. Atlantic Avenue. You'll even find a golf course and a tavern, so you can enjoy entertainment no matter what kind of vacation experien

Luxury apartments in Daytona Beach

If you're looking for a more pampered vacation experience, the high-end luxury apartments in Daytona Beach may be more to your liking. These apartments have it all, creating the ultimate, unforgettable Daytona experience. A waterfront location, scenic views, and quick access to the beach are practically a given, so you'll need to keep an eye out for other amenities to make the difference. These can include an indoor pool, a spa area, and complimentary drinks waiting for you upon arrival. You'll also find more space in luxury apartments, so consider an upgrade if you're traveling with the whole family.


Cheap apartments in Daytona Beach

Given the popularity of Daytona Beach, it should be no surprise that it strives to be accessible to everyone, including people who aren't looking to break the bank for their next vacation. Cheap apartments in Daytona Beach for rent are plentiful, with many offering some amenities you wouldn't normally expect from a budget option. For example, it's common to find a full kitchen in a local cheap apartment that's complete with all the necessary appliances you'll need. Occasionally, they'll even supply you with a few ingredients and coffee. Additionally, these apartments almost always come with central cooling to keep you cool even after you come in from the beach breeze.


Apartments for rent in Daytona Beach with gardens/backyards

Daytona Beach as a region is positively breathtaking, so it's no wonder so many travelers want to be exposed to its outdoor wonders as much as possible. Large windows and even a patio are certainly nice, but some of the ground-floor-level rentals actually offer entire backyards to enjoy that are well-maintained and private. You can enjoy the outdoors with extra privacy, and any children or pets you've brought along are sure to enjoy the opportunity to run and play as well.


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