Recent reviews of Fort Myers Beach condos and apartments

Best places for apartments in Fort Myers Beach

  • Mid Island: If you're looking to be at the center of the action in Fort Myers Beach, Mid Island is the place to book your apartment rental. As the name suggests, this region is located in the middle area of the island and provides convenient access to numerous aquatic activities. You can venture out onto the water on a personal watercraft or fishing charter, or you can go dolphin watching. You can also go parasailing from the sugar-white sands to the blue/green waters.
  • South Island: The South Island region is the more luxurious side of the island, so if you're looking to get pampered in and around your apartment rental, South Island is the place to be. You'll find tennis clubs, yacht clubs, and shopping centers with high-end retailers offering virtually everything you can imagine. Of course, water activities are plentiful as well, so you'll still have access to the beach, parasailing, kayaking, and boating. Additionally, you can watch the ships travel through Big Carlos Pass while you sit back and relax on the beach.
  • Laguna Shores: For a family-friendly vacation, Laguna Shores may be the best spot to find an apartment rental. It's located just steps away from the beach, yet you'll find convenient grocery stores just a short walk inland, along with the well-maintained Newton Park. While Laguna Shores is located closer to the south side of the island, the northern edge, bordering Hell Peckney Bay, is easily accessible as well. From there, you can book a boat and even travel to the nearby Julies Island.

Luxury apartments in Fort Myers

For travelers looking for a more pampered and high-end experience, it's best to book one of the luxury apartments in Fort Myers. Given the extensive selection of resorts and premium properties, finding a luxury apartment is easy whether you're traveling alone or with the whole family. Inside these premier destinations, you'll find everything a family needs, from a fully stocked kitchen with advanced appliances to a relaxing balcony overlooking the shining blue-green waters of the gulf. Additionally, these apartments tend to offer convenient access to the beach, with some even having their own private path to the shore. Of course, luxury rentals will also put you near to local restaurants and shopping opportunities.


Cheap apartments in Fort Myers

Finding a satisfying Fort Myers Beach condo rental shouldn't have to break the bank. With the numerous cheap options on offer, they don't have to. These rentals can still have some impressive amenities despite being easier on your wallet, such as a full kitchen and spacious rooms. You can even find cheap options with multiple rooms suitable for family trips. WiFi and television are becoming increasingly more popular in more affordable rentals as well, so you'll even have access to entertainment in between your Fort Myers Beach excursions.


Fort Myers Beach Condos with a garden/backyard

A garden/backyard area isn't something one might normally expect from Fort Myers Beach condos, but quite a few of them will surprise you. Typically reserved for ground-level apartments, a backyard area can offer some much-needed outside space without compromising your privacy. Some gardens can exist on the upper floor rentals, as well, as the outdoor patio space can be settled with vibrant flowers and greenery. With access to a garden or backyard, the outdoor beauty of Fort Myers Beach is never out of reach. If you find an apartment with a garden/backyard that's also pet-friendly, you can even give your furry friend some extra space to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about keeping track of them in public.