Recent reviews of Gulf Shores house rentals

Top regions for Gulf Shores house rentals

  • Fort Morgan: Fort Morgan, home to the Fort Morgan State Historic Site, is one of the best areas for houses in Gulf Shores. The fascinating historic site is home to a Civil War fort and museum, picnic areas, vista points, and plenty of outdoor fun. You’ll also have opportunities for boating and fishing, birdwatching, wildlife viewing, historic interpretations, shopping, hiking, and sunbathing on the beach. If you want to shop, the historic site has a gift shop to find unique treasures. When you stay in Fort Morgan, you’ll be close to all the fun of Gulf Shores other prime destinations and beach areas.
  • West Beach: West Beach is a lovely spot for Gulf Shores house rentals. The quiet area serves as a great base camp to visit all the fun destinations in Gulf Shores, such as Orange Beach, Perdido Key, and Morgantown. If you want to stay close to your rental, you’ll also find fun activities like visiting Fort Morgan State Historic Site, exploring Gulf State Park, or enjoying a few rounds at premier golf resorts like Craft Farms Golf Clubs and Gulf Shores Golf Club. Of course, you could always just enjoy the beach and spend your days bonding with your loved ones on the sand.

Indulge with luxury Gulf Shores house rentals

With the golden beaches, azure seas, and scenic beauty, Gulf Shores sets the stage for a pampered retreat. Luxury Gulf Shores house rentals are available throughout the Gulf Shores region for a touch of class and style on your trip. Many homes are available with high-end amenities like modern appliances and furnishings, balconies, decks, private pools, beach access, and more, so you’ll feel like a celebrity for the whole trip. Even if you’re planning a trip with all the kids or a large family group, there are luxury rentals that give you all the space you need to make the most of the experience.

Save with cheap vacation houses in Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores is an idyllic area with a lot of fun things to do, but a trip here doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find a multitude of exciting experiences in Gulf Shores that are free or inexpensive, so you can create memories with the family. Plenty of cheap houses in Gulf Shores can be found in the best areas as well, all with exciting amenities like spacious living areas, multiple bedrooms, pools, backyards, and more. There are practical amenities in the rental homes, such as a full kitchen with cookware and appliances, so you can make your own meals and skip dining out. When you save on your accommodations and dining, you can enjoy a night on the town, a fancy dinner, or excellent tours, such as glass-bottom boat tours or dolphin spotting tours.

Enjoy beach houses in Gulf Shores

One of the biggest draws of Gulf Shores is the beach, and you’ll find no shortage of beach houses to choose from to stay close to the sand and surf. Beach houses in Gulf Shores can be found within steps of the sand or walking distance to the beach, so you can stay close to the attractions that matter most. You’ll have a range of options to choose from, including luxury, budget-friendly, and family-friendly beach houses, all with the benefit of beach access. Beach houses come with other amenities, such as extra bedrooms, outdoor entertainment space, and media systems with streaming services.

Gulf Shores pet-friendly rental houses

Some people need some extra room when they are away, as they may have a large family, or they could be meeting up with other families as well. Finding a pet-friendly Gulf Shores house rental is easy, and many can be found on the waterfront. Many memories have been created by multiple families vacationing together with their dogs. Start building memories with your family and return year after year so that the memories continue and can be passed down. Staying in a house makes a lot of sense when you come to Gulf Shores, as you have all the amenities that you need and you’re able to enjoy your vacation on your own time. Plus, you can always send the kids and pets outside to run around in the yard if you need some peace.

Find Gulf Shores house rentals with a pool

Gulf Shores enjoys sunny, warm weather most of the year, so it’s the perfect place for a house with a pool. Many Gulf Shores house rentals come with a private or community pool, giving you a place to cool off and relax without venturing onto the beach. Pools are great for morning laps, evening dips, and romantic nights under the stars with your loved ones. On a family trip, a pool offers another form of entertainment and a safe space for the kids to play, so you can enjoy some much needed family time. Some rental communities also have kid-friendly pool areas, such as kiddie pools and splash areas.