Recent reviews of Key West house rentals

Top regions for Key West house rentals

  • Key West Historic District: The Key West Historic District is home to many of the best attractions in the area, making it an ideal spot for Key West house rentals. It contains thousands of historic buildings, such as the Oldest House Museum and Gardens, the Basilica of St. Mary Star of the Sea, and the Ernest Hemingway House. There’s a lot more than history to explore, such as the U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Key West Station, the Armory, and the Key West Aquarium, which is a great place for the kids. You could also explore the Mel Fisher Maritime Heritage Museum to learn more about Key West’s seafaring history, and the Key West Shipwreck Museum.
  • Bahama Village: The vibrant Bahama Village is steeped in history and culture and one of the best spots for Key West house rentals. It’s home to intriguing Florida Conch architecture, Bahamian history, and Caribbean culture for a unique and memorable experience. You’ll find some of the best restaurants in Key West in Bahama Village, serving delightful island fare like jerk chicken with sangria. The flea markets are a great place to find unique gifts to take home, many of which are a reflection of the culture of Key West. After dark, be sure to visit local night spots for dancing, marching band parades, and tropical cocktails.

Explore luxury Key West houses

Key West’s idyllic landscape sets the stage for a luxury retreat. There are spas, beaches, upscale nightclubs, fine-dining restaurants, and more, so you can live like a celebrity for your entire trip. You can find luxury Key West houses that give you all types of upscale amenities, such as luxurious furnishings, balconies, outdoor entertainment areas, spa baths, private pools, beach access, and more. Luxury homes come in a variety of options as well, so you can easily accommodate the whole family while still having the decadence you want. When you return from your trip, you’ll feel totally rested and recharged.

Find cheap Key West house rentals

Despite its paradise appeal, Key West can be visited on a budget. You can find a lot of free or cheap things to see and do, such as lounging on the beaches, dining at charming local eateries, visiting historic sites, and exploring the landscape. Plenty of cheap Key West house rentals are available to suit solo travelers, couples, or whole families. Rental homes come with a full kitchen, cookware, appliances, and everything else you need for home-cooked meals, so you can shop for local produce and cook your own island fare for your family. When you save so much on dining and accommodations, you’ll have more freedom to try more upscale experiences like marine tours, spa retreats, and more.

Relax in Key West houses with a pool

With the balmy weather and sunshine, there’s no better perk to visiting Key West than having a vacation rental with a pool. If you want a break from the beach, you can cool off and sunbathe with your own private swimming space at your vacation home. Pools are great for relaxation on a solo trip or intimate time with your partner on a couple’s trip. If you’re bringing the kids, the pool offers a safe, secluded space for them to swim and play while you unwind with the adults. Many Key West houses are available with a pool, so you don’t even have to sacrifice the features and amenities you want for the luxury of a private swimming area.