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Enjoy nature in Kauai with a house for rent

Nature lovers will be at home with a Hawaii beach house on Kauai, an island known for the rainforest that covers most of its surface. Filled with dramatic peaks, steep canyons, and winding trails through lush forest near glistening waterfalls, Kauai is an ideal destination for outdoor adventurers. You can try everything from hiking and horseback riding to climbing and surfing, all within reach of your Hawaii house.


Find Kauai beach rental options

Kauai's beaches are one of its biggest draws, so you'll have plenty of options for Kauai beach rentals. Beach rentals can be large and spacious for the whole family or cozy and comfortable for just 1 or 2 travelers. Beach houses come in virtually every style as well, and all include practical amenities like a full kitchen, laundry, and more. You can also find beach houses that include luxurious features such as a pool, hot tub, backyard space, direct access to a private beach, and hotel-like services like a fitness center or restaurant and bar. No matter what you're looking for, you can find the perfect beach rental to suit your needs in Kauai.