Recent reviews of Galveston house rentals

Top regions for houses for rent in Galveston

  • Jamaica Beach: Jamaica Beach is one of the top destinations for beach houses in Galveston. The charming neighborhood is surrounded by Galveston, the East Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico, so it’s ideal for a beach retreat. There’s something for everyone in Jamaica Beach, from museums and boutiques to delicious cuisine and charming cafes. Tours are a popular way to explore the city, and you can choose from ghost tours, historic tours, and specialty tours like the Rat Pack Tour, the Red Light District Tour, and the Galveston Tree Carvings Tour. No matter what you choose to do, Jamaica Beach gives you access to an array of experiences for a memorable vacation.
  • Pirates Beach: If you’re planning a beach trip, Pirates Beach is the top spot for beach houses in Galveston. The beach area is close to many of the best attractions in Galveston, including the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, Galveston Island State Park, San Luis Pass County Park, and the Galveston Seawall. House rentals in Pirates Beach also have a lot of variety, so you can find everything from secluded cabins and cottages to homes in the heart of the action, all with amenity options like pools and backyards. Best of all, Pirates Beach gives you access to the beach, so you can spend long days enjoying the sunshine and water.

Indulge with luxury houses for rent in Galveston

If you want a pampered vacation, Galveston has an array of luxury homes for rent that give you style and decadence. Luxury houses in Galveston can be found in the best areas to stay, including right near the water and close to the top attractions, so you’ll have access to the best of the destination. Many luxury rentals include exciting additions like pools, yard space, and more, so you’ll have your own private space to enjoy during the trip. Whether you need a ton of space for all the kids, or just enough for you and your partner, luxury homes have everything you need.

Save with cheap houses in Galveston

Galveston is filled with free or inexpensive things to see and do, perfect for a budget-friendly vacation. You can spend time on the beach or exploring local historic sites and landmarks on the cheap for a memorable trip. Plenty of Galveston house rentals are cheap as well, so you can stretch your budget even further and enjoy exciting amenities like pools, beach access, and modern furnishings. Even if you’re bringing the whole family, you can find a cheap home rental that has multiple bedrooms and spacious living areas to suit the whole group. When you save so much on your accommodation, you’ll have some left over to take a tour or splurge on a nice dinner.

Have fun with Galveston beach house rentals

Galveston is home to many beautiful beach areas where you can relax on the sand and experience thrilling water sports. You’ll find an array of beach house rentals in California’s top destinations, including Pirates Beach and Jamaica Beach, so you can have the sand right at your doorstep. Beach house rentals offer just as much versatility as other rentals, so you can book a house that’s designed for luxury, a budget-friendly family home, and everything in between. Beach houses offer a lot of exciting amenities as well, such as pools, waterfront views, backyard space, and more, so you’ll have all you need for the trip.

Discover Galveston rentals on the beach

One of the biggest draws of Galveston is the beach, so what better way to experience the area than with a vacation rental on the beach? Galveston beach house rentals are available within steps of the sand, so you can start your beach day early and take in hours of sunbathing and swimming. Having ocean views for the sunrise and sunset is a nice addition for a romantic couple's dinner or family meal. You can find condos, cottages, houses, and cabins that are on the beach or close by, so you don't have to sacrifice the amenities you want for beach access.

Enjoy houses in Galveston with a pool

Galveston has warm, sunny weather most of the year, and there’s no better way to beat the heat than with your own pool. Plenty of vacation houses in Galveston offer a community or private pool, so you don’t have to venture far from your door for a refreshing swim or afternoon of sunbathing. If you have the kids with you, a pool is another option for entertainment that’s safe and private. You can kick back and watch them swim and play, making for a relaxing, family-filled afternoon. Also, waking in the morning with a few refreshing laps or a quick soak is a great way to start your day.