Recent reviews of Savannah luxury rentals

Go for comfort with luxury cabins near Savannah

If you are hoping for ultimate comfort and convenience on your trip to Savannah, book one of the many luxury cabin rentals in the city. These rentals often have spacious kitchens and common rooms, as well as extra bedrooms for those large group excursions like engagement parties, company retreats, or college reunions. Some offer features like full private swimming pools and hot tubs where you can have parties with wine, music, friends, and laughter. You'll find options like streaming video services, video game libraries, full house sound systems, and even smart home features. With these luxurious accommodation options, you'll feel completely pampered and live like a king or queen the entire time you're on your Savannah vacation. A luxury cabin rental is a great way to take a break between excursions to the museums, historic sites, museums, fine dining, and upscale shopping in this great Southern city.

Explore a luxury Savannah B&B

For the ultimate vacation experience, it's sometimes refreshing to go all out with luxury accommodations that have the best amenities available. Fortunately, the B&Bs around Savannah offer plenty of luxury options you can enjoy that are spacious enough for whole families. Some even have their own full kitchen areas where you can prepare virtually anything you like with state-of-the-art appliances. What’s more, breakfast is typically still prepared and served for you by the staff of the facility. Additionally, these luxury accommodations tend to be located in the best parts of town and put you just steps away from Savannah's top spots and activities.