What are the top vacation rentals in or near Atascadero?

Whatever you're seeking in a vacation, you'll find a rental in or around Atascadero that's a match made in heaven. Why not try these on for size?:

  • Make use of amenities including a DVD player and a dishwasher at "Centro Colonial Charm - Stunning Views". Situated around 1 mile from Atascadero, this quality property has 3 bedrooms and is a hit with guests.
  • "Elegant Home: San Miguel De Allende W" is another top pick, offering 4 bedrooms, an outdoor pool, internet services and more. It's around 1 mile from Atascadero.

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What are the top-rated vacation rentals for weekend getaways in or near Atascadero?

If you've been busier than a bee in a garden lately, you deserve a break for a few blissful days. Leave work early on Friday and make your way to one of these weekend getaways in or near Atascadero:

  • "Charming Studio In San Miguel De Allende" is perfect for a couple of days of enjoyment and rest. It comes with convenient amenities, such as winery tours and a hair dryer, and is located roughly 0.1 miles to the east of Atascadero.
  • Otherwise, create memories with your loved ones at "Casa De La Cuesta: A Customize Designer House In The Center Of San Miguel", which is around 0.1 miles to the northwest of Atascadero. You'll have use of an iron and ironing board, coffee and tea making facilities and more here.

Can I find studio apartments for rent in and around Atascadero?

Studio apartments set a high bar when it comes to location, character and convenience. Check out these studio apartments for rent in or near Atascadero and experience a taste of the local vibe and energy:

  • Wake up, explore and then do it all over again at "Charming Studio In San Miguel De Allende". This property is a terrific base for sightseeing and comes with amenities including a fireplace and shopping.
  • Another awesome option is "3 New Centro Historico 1/1 Ac W". Make the most of an iron and ironing board, WiFi and other conveniences during your stay.

With the moolah you save on your studio apartment, you can afford to discover more of Atascadero. Cultural attractions like Escuela de Bellas Artes and Bellas Artes School will help you understand the character of this destination.

Can I find short term rentals in or near Atascadero?

Every now and then, you've just got to take a break from the real world, even if it's only for two or three days. Enjoy a nice mix of adventure and relaxation at one of these short-term rentals in or around Atascadero:

  • If you're eager to be near the action, "Casa O'leary: Elegant But Cozy" has your name on it. It's within easy reach of the center of Atascadero and a convenient base to explore attractions like Parish Church of San Miguel Arcangel and El Jardin.
  • Sleep, eat and explore your surroundings from "Casa Del Encanto - Elegant Home In Centro", another great option. Juarez Park and San Miguel de Allende Public Library should be on your itinerary when it's time to sightsee.

What are the best romantic weekend getaways in or near Atascadero?

Forget chocolates and flowers. Sometimes all you need is to escape for a weekend, just you and your boo. At Vrbo, we've got romantic getaways in and around Atascadero that would make even old Cupid swoon. Here are some we think you'll adore:

  • Located around 1 mile from Atascadero, "Centro Colonial Charm - Stunning Views" is the ideal place for lovestruck couples. Beauty services and a fireplace are some of the amenities you'll find here.
  • "Elegant Home: San Miguel De Allende W" is another retreat guaranteed to woo you. It's around 1 mile from Atascadero and comes with beauty services and a fireplace.

What are the best large group vacation rentals in or near Atascadero?

Big groups mean big-time fun. They also mean finding someplace that'll comfortably fit your entire crew. Check out our large group vacation rentals in or around Atascadero and spend time with your favorite people under the one roof:

  • There's plenty of space to sprawl out at "Holt - Casa Parque Juárez". Around 1 mile southwest of Atascadero, this generous property has 4 bedrooms sleeping up to 12 guests. It comes with a host of amenities, including a fireplace and a garden.
  • Invite as many as 18 of your best friends to "Incredible House With Jacuzzi Up To 18 Guests" and fill the place with love and laughter. This option has 5 bedrooms and is around 1 mile to the southeast of central Atascadero. It's crammed with features to keep your group comfortable and content, such as a garden and a water park.

What are the best houses for rent with a pool in or near Atascadero?

From boisterous games of Red Rover to quiet morning dips, a pool promises loads of fun for both adults and kids. Score some brownie points with the family by booking a house with a swimming space in or near Atascadero:

  • Pool day can be every day at "Casa De La Cuesta: A Customize Designer House In The Center Of San Miguel". A toaster and towels are a few of the other amenities that help make this place a winner.
  • Alternatively, book a few nights away at "Incredible House With Jacuzzi Up To 18 Guests" and while away your days poolside. A separate dining area and a microwave oven are other things your crew will love about this property.

What are the best large family vacation rentals in or near Atascadero?

Whether you're traveling with the kids or you're taking your great uncle and cousins along, family vacations mean fun. These large rentals in and around Atascadero have room for everybody — and everything you need to keep them all happy:

  • Approximately 1 mile to the northwest of Atascadero, "Elegant Home: San Miguel De Allende W" has 4 bedrooms and can fit up to 10 guests. Top amenities here include childrens activities and a stereo.
  • "Casa O'leary: Elegant But Cozy" is another property your crew will love. You'll be able to invite as many as 8 friends and family to this retreat which comes with 4 bedrooms, a living room, a garden and more. It's located 0.1 miles to the north of central Atascadero.

When you're ready to do some sightseeing, there are loads of family-friendly attractions nearby to put on your itinerary. Xote Aquatic Park is a terrific place to kick things off.

Are there one-bedroom vacation rentals in or near Atascadero?

Romantic getaways, work trips or adventures all on your own — a one-bedroom rental property is an ideal solution for all sorts of occasions. One of our options in or near Atascadero is sure to impress:

  • Check out "Charming Studio In San Miguel De Allende", a fabulous centrally located one-bedroom vacation property. A garden and a kitchen are just two of the amenities here.
  • Also within easy reach of all the excitement of Atascadero, "Stylish Oasis With Garage, 5 Star Reviews Zona Centro" is another popular one-bedroom option. After a day of exploring, return and enjoy amenities like a kitchen and a kitchen island.

Can I find two-bedroom vacation rentals in or near Atascadero?

It's easy to organize your dream vacation with Vrbo. Whether you prefer a cute cabin or a cool apartment, you'll find terrific two-bedroom options in or near Atascadero: Here are just a couple of our favorites:

  • With handy amenities like a kitchen and a balcony, "El Presidente - 2 Bedroom Suite W" has everything you need for a relaxing stay. Unpack your luggage and then get out and explore the neighborhood.
  • Another recommended option is "Bautiful Condo In The Heart Of San Miguel". With useful amenities such as a swimming pool and a garden, you'll have no difficulty making yourselves at home here. Pick your bed, unpack your bags and let the good times begin!