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Find the perfect place for your stay in Poipu by choosing from 466 houses, 1017 condos, and other vacation rentals. Whether you’re staying in a vacation home with friends, family, or just with your pet, you'll find the amenities you need and want, such as air conditioning and a TV. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find a rental for everyone's needs, including a place that's non-smoking or offers accessibility.

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Frequently asked questions

How many vacation rentals are in Poipu?

Vrbo's current selection of vacation rentals in Poipu is ${propertiesCount}. All it takes is a simple Vrbo property search to book your next cottage, villa, condo or whatever type of vacation home that suits your family's style.

What is the most popular type of vacation rental accommodation in Poipu?

The most desirable types of vacation rentals in Poipu are condos. Looking for something different? Vrbo has a variety of options to match our guests' diverse needs, so you'll see vacation properties in lots of shapes and sizes. The perfect fit is ready and waiting for you — get yours today.

How much does it cost to rent a vacation rental in Poipu?

Length of stay, property type and season are among the factors that can determine the price of a vacation home. Simply enter your dates of travel to find the ultimate escape. From cozy chalets to plush villas, all Vrbo vacation rentals offer incredible value.

How much does it cost to rent a beach house in Poipu?

The average price for a vacation rental close to the beach in Poipu depends on when you're visiting the area and the size and style of property you want. Find prices easily and quickly on Vrbo by entering your travel dates and destination. Then use the handy filters to select the number of bedrooms and amenities important to you, such as WiFi, a pool and air conditioning.

Are there pet-friendly vacation rentals in Poipu?

Yes, there are. Take your pick of 1,460 vacation homes that allow pets in Poipu on Vrbo. Our furry kids also deserve a getaway, so simply use our search function for pet-friendly vacation rentals to find a perfect property where your pooch can share in the good times.

Can I rent a house with a pool in Poipu?

Grab your swimming gear and inflatable swan, because there are 1,231 houses with a private pool in Poipu. Kick back at one of these superb vacation rentals and every day will be a pool day. Simply enter your travel dates into Vrbo, then check the 'pool' filter to find the ideal place for a splashing good time!

What are popular rental amenities in Poipu?

A nearby river, an ocean view and a garden rank as the most popular rental amenities in Poipu. Whether you're planning to travel on your own, with your other half or a group of family members, Vrbo can help you find a vacation home that matches your tastes with all the extras you're looking for.

Are there large group vacation rentals in Poipu?

Poipu has 102 vacation properties that can fit 10 or more people. These properties come with enough space to enjoy good times with family and friends.

Are there vacation rentals in Poipu that welcome kids?

With 1,460 family-friendly vacation rentals to pick from in Poipu, now is a superb time to introduce the little ones to the magic of travel. Just click on our "Properties good for families" filter box to find stays packed with conveniences ideal for families on the move, like extra bedrooms, private pools, entertainment areas and bunk beds.

What are the top attractions for families in Poipu?

There are lots of fun things to see and do with the family in Poipu, including:

  • Poipu Beach
  • Lawai Beach
  • Shipwreck Beach

Are there one-bedroom vacation rentals in Poipu?

Take your pick from 450 one-bedroom rentals in Poipu. Whether you're looking for a secluded cottage or an upmarket condo, Vrbo's one-bedroom properties are perfect if you don't need lots of space. One of the major perks of having your own digs? You won't ever need to share your vacation with strangers.

Can I find two-bedroom vacation rentals in Poipu?

Gather your loved ones and enjoy a relaxing escape in one of the 559 two-bedroom vacation properties Poipu has to offer.

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