Destination guide

Outdoor adventure in Lake Powell vacation home rentals

Lake Powell is a vast natural area that’s part of the Colorado River in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. With its endless shoreline, year-round sunshine, warm waters, and beautiful scenery, Lake Powell is the perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. No matter what you’re looking for from your getaway, Lake Powell vacation home rentals put you in the center of the action.

Things to do

Get into nature at Lake Powell vacation homes

Lake Powell is the ultimate destination for outdoor adventure and exploration. Cabin rentals can be found near such sites as the Antelope Canyon, a unique sandstone geological formation with dramatic angles and shafts, and the Glen Canyon Dam, a concrete barrier with guided tours of the structure. The Rainbow Bridge National Monument, a picturesque, natural rock bridge surrounded by red rock formations and canyons, and the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a nature reserve with millions of acres for water and land recreation.

Outdoor activities

Must-try sports near Lake Powell vacation rentals

With its sunny, warm days, Lake Powell is ideal for hiking and exploring the colorful landscape and enjoying the crystal-clear lakes. Canyon hikes, biking, golfing, and off-roading are popular activities on land, while watersport enthusiasts can enjoy boat and watercraft rentals, swimming, fishing, and kayaking through lakes and canyon rivers. If you prefer to take in the landscape from a different perspective, boat tours and float trips offer guided tours through the landscape for an educational experience and stunning views, and many offer dinner, drinks, and entertainment along the way.

Getting around

Transportation to Lake Powell cabin rentals

With its many outdoor recreation opportunities, many visitors to Lake Powell vacation homes choose to drive to the area in order to bring supplies like cameras, fishing gear, and hiking gear. You can also take a limousine, bus, or shuttle directly to the lake, or fly into the Page Airport and use a rental car or shuttle service into the resort area. Once there, many of the destinations are close enough to walk or bike.

Food and drink

Best cuisine near Lake Powell cabin rentals

The cuisine in Lake Powell ranges from fresh fish and flame-broiled beef to quick pub grub and kid-friendly American fare, all with the option of fine wine and specialty cocktails. No matter what you’re craving, the restaurants near Lake Powell cabin rentals offer views of the sapphire-blue lake water and red rock formations, boat access, and cozy lodge environments, allowing you to turn your lunch or dinner into an experience all its own. You can also visit a local market and turn the flavors of the area into a unique recipe personalized to your taste.

Family friendly

Family fun at Lake Powell vacation homes

Lake Powell has a variety of kid-friendly activities and locations for children of all ages. Vacation rentals and family units can be found near such attractions as the Glen Canyon Dam Overlook, a short, easy hiking trail with rock steps to a scenic overlook of the canyon and river, and Hole in the Rock, a narrow crevice with a lake, park, and various hiking trails. Alstrom Point, a scenic mountain overlook with picturesque views and exciting off-road trails, is a great way to get out into nature with the kids. You could also enjoy the John Wesley Powell Museum, a facility with educational exhibits on dinosaurs, geology, history, and Native American culture.