Recent reviews of Maui villa rentals

Top regions for Maui villa rentals

  • Lahaina: The historic town of Lahaina is one of the best places for Maui villas. It’s home to many of the island’s best beaches, including the serene Kaanapali Beach and its scenic boardwalk. The beaches of Lahaina are popular for watersports and swimming or just relaxing on the sand. If you want to experience the water, you can book a boat tour in Lahaina Harbor for whale watching, fishing, or just to take in the views of the coast. You’ll also like Front Street, a vibrant shopping area with local boutiques, excellent restaurants, and the landmark oldest tree in Maui, the big banyan tree.
  • Kihei: South Maui is a lovely spot for Maui villas. It’s home to the world-class beaches of Makena, Wailea, and Kihei, which offer everything from snorkeling to sailing to surfing for outdoor adventure. You’ll also find luxury experiences in South Maui, such as premier golf courses and beachfront resorts. One of the highlights of South Maui is the Molokini Crater, an islet formed by a volcanic crater with beaches and dive spots. In town, you’ll find common seaside attractions like surf shops, cafés, restaurants, and boutiques, so you could spend hours browsing the offerings and taking in the coastal views and sea air.

Discover luxury Maui villa rentals

From the gourmet restaurants with Hawaiian regional cuisine to the designer shopping and the premier golf course, Maui has just about everything you need for a luxury retreat. You’ll have gorgeous beaches for all the fun in the sun, endless shopping options, and no shortage of luxury Maui villa rentals with deluxe amenities. Luxury Maui villas come with upscale features like fine decor, cutting-edge appliances, beachfront views, beach access, private pools, spas, and more. The luxury resorts offer their own high-end options as well, such as fitness centers, golf courses, shopping, on-site bars and restaurants, and organized activities to experience the best of the islands.

Save with cheap Maui villa resorts

Maui is a gorgeous environment for a beach trip with your partner or family. If you’re planning a budget-friendly vacation, you can find a lot of free or affordable things to do for a memorable retreat. There are plenty of beaches to choose from for swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, and watersports, not to mention the excellent local shopping and dining. For accommodation, you can find an array of cheap Maui villa resorts that have all the amenities you need for the trip, including a full kitchen to cook your own dinners and spacious bedrooms for everyone to stay comfortable. If you stretch your budget by dining in, you’ll have some room to splurge on exciting experiences like wilderness tours, watersport adventures, cultural attractions, and fine dining.

Enjoy Maui villa rentals with a pool

Maui is fortunate to have year-round sunshine and heat, so what better way to enjoy the weather than with your own private swimming pool? Many Maui villa rentals offer a pool, so you can sunbathe and swim in the comfort of your own backyard. Pools are great for refreshing laps in the morning or cooling off in the heat of the afternoon. If you’re on a couples retreat, you and your partner can relax in the water to watch the sunset or under the stars. Kids will love the pool as well, and you can just kick back and let them enjoy themselves away from the crowds of the beach. Many villas are available with a pool, but you can also find villa rentals in resort communities that offer community pools and splash areas.