Content Guidelines


  • We reserve the right to remove any content contributed to this website by members, travellers or any other user of the website (each a 'user') which does not meet the following guidelines. 

  • Traveller reviews of properties, owner responses and owner reviews of travellers are the subjective opinions of the travellers and owners who posted the content.  They are not our opinions and are not endorsed by us.

  • We do not have any obligation to investigate the truthfulness or accuracy of reviews or responses.  

Eligibility Guidelines

To submit a review, a traveller or owner must meet the following requirements:

  • Any review must be submitted within one year of the traveller's date of stay

  • Travellers or owners submitting a review must be able to validate their identity and/or email address as requested when submitting the review

  • The traveller reviewing a property must be able to provide evidence of stay at such property, which must be the property displayed on the listing of the property listing being reviewed

  • A review may be written by any member of the rental party

  • A traveller may contact Customer Support if they wish to update or remove their review

  • The reviewer must be at least 18 years of age

  • An owner may not review their own property

Owner or Member Responses to Reviews

  • Owner or member responses must be written by the owner or manager of the property or their authorized representative.

Additional Content Guidelines

No user of this website may contribute any content (including, but not limited to property listings, reviews and responses) which violate the following guidelines:

  • The content must be directly related to its purpose.  Examples include:

    • Property listing descriptions must relate to the property and include information that would be useful to a traveller

    • Reviews of a property must focus on the traveller’s stay

    • Traveller's descriptions of themselves (in their traveller profile) must relate only to the traveller

    • Content posted in a forum must be relevant to the purpose of the forum or discussion

  • The content must not infringe anyone’s rights, violate the law or otherwise be inappropriate.  Examples include:

    • Personal information that can be used to identify or contact any person;

    • Promotional content that would promote other websites, businesses, services or products unaffiliated with this website;

    • Obscene, abusive, discriminatory or illegal content.

  • Reviews and responses should not disclose the physical location of the property or the rates charged by the owner or manager. Content must be truthful and not misleading

  • Users who post content must have all legal rights to post the content.

  • Users cannot post a review to blackmail or attempt to extort owners or travellers for money. The reviews are for the benefit of future travellers, not to allow one party to threaten the other.

  • We will not edit reviews on traveller or owner's behalf. A traveller or owner may contact Customer Support to remove their published review and the traveller or owner can publish a revised review subject to these guidelines.

If you see a review or response that does not conform to the above guidelines, please contact Customer Support. We will investigate reported abuse and immediately remove reviews or responses that we find are in violation of our guidelines.