Your safety is very important to us. If you’re currently in an area affected by a local emergency or natural disaster, please see the related articles below. Otherwise, here are a few tips to help you prepare — just in case.

Natural disasters
There are several different types of natural disasters and each one varies in frequency, duration, and warning time. Examples of natural disasters include hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, wildfires, blizzards, and volcanic eruptions, to name a few.
  • Knowing what steps to take before a natural disaster strikes can help you stay safe and informed. Download an emergency management app. Emergency management apps provide real-time weather and emergency alerts.
  • Learn natural disaster safety tips. Safety tips will help you know what to do should severe weather happen.
We also recommend the Red Cross as a resource for emergency preparedness tips.

Public health emergencies
Public health emergencies, such as COVID-19, can happen at a local, regional, or even global level. But there are a few steps you can take to help you stay both safe and healthy.
  • Follow guidance from the World Health organisation. The WHO can help you prepare for public health emergencies.
  • Learn general hygiene and sanitization practises. Following proper handwashing techniques and sanitising common surface areas can help prevent the spread of illness.
General travel guidance
As always, make sure you’re paying attention to local authorities and following local safety guidelines. Here are a few helpful tips to consider.
  • Monitor local media. Local media is a great resource for up-to-date information on events that could impact you.
  • Save emergency phone numbers. Emergency lines may vary from country to country. Be sure to have local emergency numbers saved into your phone should you need them.
  • Review local travel advisories. Local travel authorities can provide recommendations and restrictions for your destination area.
If you’re a traveller who hasn't left for your destination yet and you’re unsure if it's safe to travel to, we recommend messaging the property owner or manager to confirm that your destination and the property are safe and available for your stay.