Last updated November 2020.

Vrbo is all about helping families spend quality time together, safely. COVID-19 continues to impact travel in different areas around the globe, so please follow local guidance on travel.

Know before you go
  • Check for COVID-19 travel restrictions. Use this helpful tool from Expedia, our parent company, to see specific travel restrictions by country. Be sure to check your departure city and destination.
  • Review the property’s cancellation policies. They apply even if your reservation is affected by COVID-19.
  • Consider purchasing travel insurance. Be sure to read the policy carefully, as many do not protect against travel restrictions.

Cancelling or modifying your trip
Property managers and owners determine the cancellation and refund policies for most homes in our marketplace. If you are making changes outside the cancellation policy window, reach out to them through your traveller account for options.

To change the dates of your trip
You can request to modify your dates from your traveller account or by communicating directly with the owner or property manager through our secure messaging system.

To cancel your trip
Some reservations may be eligible for self-service cancellation via your traveller account in My Trips. If you don’t see the button to cancel, reach out to the owner or property manager.

When you book with certain credit cards, you may be provided with limited trip protection. Contact your financial institution to see what coverage you might have.

Keep in mind that our Book with Confidence programme is designed to protect you from fraudulent listings and property misrepresentation. It does not cover cancellations due to unforeseeable circumstances, such as COVID-19.

Important resources
We strongly recommend that all travellers, owners, and property managers follow health and safety information from health officials as well as travel advisories from local authorities.